Discover the World by Sea

Experience the beauty of the world. Leave your stress behind. Say goodbye to long flights and multiple reservations. With just one booking, you can unpack once and embark on an unforgettable journey across the globe. Experience the world like never before with a world cruise or world sector. 

Dreaming of island hopping through French Polynesia, exploring Africa’s breathtaking cities, and cruising through Asia without the hassle of repacking your bags? Want to see the stunning beaches of Seychelles and the ancient Mayan temples in Mexico, or discover hard-to-reach gems like Easter Island and Antarctica? How about doing it all, while enjoying the comfort and luxury of a contemporary cruise ship?

A world cruise – whether it spans 100 days or 250+ days – is meticulously crafted to provide you with the ultimate travel experience. Immerse yourself in different cultures, explore postcard-perfect destinations, and create lifelong memories. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching hotels and long-haul flights. And if you don’t have a spare 250+ days of annual leave, then maybe a world sector will do (for now). With so many world itineraries, which are then also broken up into shorter sectors, the options are endless, and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences are boundless.

World Cruises & Grand Sectors 2025 - 2026

Grand World Voyage

  • 04 Jan ‘25
  • 125 nights
From $40,999 /person pp

Maiden World Voyage

  • 07 Jan ‘25
  • 112 nights
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55-Day Grand World Voyage

  • 04 Jan ‘25
  • 56 nights
From $20,049 /person pp

World Cruise – Roundtrip Brisbane

  • 12 May ‘26
  • 115 nights
From $33,199 /person pp

World Cruise

  • 06 Jan ‘26
  • 156 nights
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Viking World Journeys – Los Angeles to London

  • 05 Jan ‘25
  • 120 nights
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Is a World Cruise Worth It?

In our opinion, yes, absolutely! And many would agree with us.

So many in fact, that world cruises are now increasingly offered by multiple cruise lines because of how popular they have become. These extraordinary journeys, usually starting in cities like Southampton, New York, Sydney, Fort Lauderdale, or Rome, give you the freedom to embark on a complete circumnavigation of the world, or opt for your favourite portion. 

Spanning anywhere from 99 to 274 nights, there are so many options you can choose from when it comes to selecting the ideal world cruise to suit your preferences. If you’re an avid cruiser who is already in love with this style of travel, you may be ready to stretch yourself and choose a more in-depth experience that allows you to stop overnight in incredible cities, explore each stop in depth, and island hop your way around the world – all without ever switching hotels, repacking your bags, or dealing with lingering jet lag.

It’s an adventure that effortlessly combines relaxation and exploration. What more could you want? To see the world? Oh yes, it has that box ticked too!

Epic Round the World Cruises

Discover the World Cruise itineraries on offer in 2024, 2025 and 2026

Princess Cruises

In 2024, set sail onboard the Island Princess for a 111-day world cruise and explore 51 ports of call in 27 countries. In 2025, this itinerary expands to a 116-day roundtrip World Cruise. If you prefer an Australia-based World Cruise, in 2024 Coral Princess sets off for a 110-day journey across six continents, encompassing popular stops such as Scandinavia, Russia, Iceland, South America, and the Panama Canal. In 2025, Crown Princess will depart for a 113-day adventure, visiting 28 countries. Various sectors of each Princess world cruise are also available to choose from, should you not be able to take the full journey.


Cunard has been at the forefront of world cruising for over a century, bringing the wonders of the globe right to your doorstep. In 2024, Queen Mary 2 will set sail from New York on a 123-night journey, and, Queen Victoria will embark on an incredible 111-night full World Voyage, covering all four corners of the world. In 2025, the extraordinary Queen Anne sets off on her maiden world itinerary, presenting an opportunity to visit more than 30 ports across the globe. Can’t commit to such a long cruise? You can also choose smaller “sectors” instead of the full world journey.

Holland America Line

In 2025 MS Volendam sets off on a historic journey for the first-ever 133-day Grand Voyage: Pole-to-Pole expedition, where you can explore Antarctica, South America, Europe, and Canada. At the same time, MS Zuiderdam will be journeying for 124 days on a world cruise featuring 32 countries, including stops at Machu Picchu, Easter Island, and the Great Barrier Reef. If the full world cruise isn’t on the cards for you yet, discover one of their Grand Voyages or circumnavigation sailings. You could circle South America, navigate Norway’s fjords, or island-hop in the enchanting South Pacific. 

MSC World Cruises

Make 2025 the year you turn your dreams of global exploration into reality and set sail on a 116-night epic adventure around the world. Traverse across 21 countries, unravelling hidden gems and iconic sights along the way. MSC Magnifica will take you on the ultimate world tour, extending to the farthest reaches of the water. Eplore the rich history of Europe and the untamed beauty of the Australian coast.  Discover the adventurous Polynesian islands and vibrant cities of South America. Indulge in the timeless charm of Asia and savour the tantalising flavours of the Middle East.

Luxury World Voyages

Regent Seven Seas

Set off on a magnificent world journey with Regent Seven Seas Cruises, where you can seek, uncover, and explore the wonders of the world in absolute luxury. Discover the remarkable Seven Seas Mariner on a 150-night global odyssey commencing in January 2025; or on a 154-night world expedition departing in January 2026. These transcontinental odysseys allow you to lose yourself in the mesmerising beauty of distant lands and uncover the secrets of ancient civilisations. Whichever route you choose, whether it be the full journey or a world sector, be prepared for an endless array of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to immerse yourself in nearly every corner of the world.


Experience the world like never before with a Silversea World Cruise. In 2025, step onboard Silver Dawn and experience “Controtempo – World Cruise 2025: From Tokyo to New York”. With a duration of 136 days, encompassing 59 destinations all around the globe, this exceptional journey promises to be unlike any other. The following year, you can experience “The Curious and the Sea – World Cruise 2026: From Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Lisbon” onboard Silver Dawn which will venture on a journey that recaptures the pioneering spirit of navigators from the past. And the best part? Absolutely everything is included with Silversea’s all-inclusive cruise fares.

Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises’ rare east-to-west circumnavigation in January 2025 promises to be an extraordinary adventure. Over the span of 180 to 200 days, you can explore 80+ diverse ports of call, filled with great wonders and inspiring cultures. Discover destinations such as Namibia, Maldives, and Seychelles, as well as Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia and the remote island of Tristan da Cunha. Uncover hidden treasures along Western Australia’s coast, and witness the beauty of Vanuatu and French Polynesia as you head north toward the Hawaiian Islands. There are also six sectors to choose from which are perfect for time-rich global travellers seeking shorter journeys. 


Gracefully follow the curve of the earth aboard the intimate and impeccable Seabourn Sojourn on a World Cruise that spans 145 days, 72 ports, and 28 countries. Looking for a more focused, in-depth escape? Seabourn also offers a number of shorter sectors to choose from, including The Grand Americas, Amazon & Antarctica segment;  The 80-day Grand Australia, Asia & Alaska expedition; The Grand Europe, British Isles & Viking Passage excursion; and the 2024 Grand Africa Voyage which is a 90-day adventure spanning 26 countries. Let Seabourn’s World Cruise be your gateway to extraordinary adventures, unforgettable memories, and luxurious experiences.

Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking’s exceptional ocean-going world routes promise to immerse you in all that our planet has to offer. With two World Cruise options for 2024-2025, you can cruise for up to 180 days, across 37 countries spanning six continents. Dive into the colourful Caribbean and experience the thrill of crossing the Panama Canal. Discover the lush rainforests of Costa Rica, explore Mumbai’s temples, and uncover priceless treasures within Istanbul’s historic Hagia Sophia. These are just a few of the incredible discoveries waiting to be unfurled on a world cruise with Viking. There are also a number of shorter Grand Journeys to choose from that allow for more in-depth exploration of one region.

Azamara Cruises

With 155 nights and 37 countries to explore, Azamara’s 2025 World Voyage is an opportunity to discover every corner of the globe in intimate luxury . If a shorter trip is more appealing, there are also 10 different segments to choose from. Looking ahead, Azamara’s 2026 World Cruise, onboard the magnificent Azamara Onward, is an expedition that will take you through over 35 countries and allow you to experience the enchanting allure of the Seven Wonders of the World. This world cruise itinerary is designed to grant you an extended exploration and a deeper connection with each mesmerising wonder, as well as the diverse tapestry of cultures surrounding them.

5 Reasons to Set Sail on a World Cruise

⚓ Visit scores of countries and countless ports of call on one seamless holiday. Where else could you explore 30+ countries without the hassle of constant packing and unpacking?

⚓ And on that note, you can also bid farewell to cramped seats, airport rushes, taxi expenses, delayed flights, and unsatisfying in-flight meals. Your ship serves as your plane, equipped with every conceivable amenity to ensure a comfortable journey throughout.

⚓ When you venture on a world cruise, not only do you have the luxury of time, but you also get the chance to explore at night. Forget about rushing and racing from point A to point B. This experience allows the ship to offer overnight stays in many ports. So, you’ll have the opportunity to discover iconic and exotic places both during the day and night, providing a whole new perspective on your destinations.

⚓ A world cruise grants you the precious gift of time. Traveling overland often involves meticulous planning, accepting delays, and dealing with travel hassles. But on a world cruise, everything is taken care of.

⚓ Travel with like-minded people, and with 3+ months on board together, you’ll develop lifelong friendships so that you’re taking home more than just memories at the end of your experience.

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