Discover the World with Scenic Eclipse II

Discover the epitome of ultra-luxury ocean cruising with Scenic Eclipse II. Step into a realm where innovation meets elegance, and state-of-the-art technology merges seamlessly with unparalleled comfort. Scenic Eclipse II isn’t just a cruise; it’s a transformative experience, an all-encompassing immersion into the wonders of the world’s oceans. From Antarctica’s icy splendor to the sun-kissed shores of the Fijian islands, every destination promises a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

A Voyage Like No Other

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Treasures of the Pacific: The Yasawas to New Zealand

  • 29 Oct ‘24
  • 10 nights
From $12,275 /person pp
Complimentary Suite Upgrade

Mawson’s Antarctica: Along the East Coast

  • 15 Dec ‘24
  • 24 nights
From $35,890 /person pp

Other 2024/25 Sailings

Browse other itineraries and 2024/25 sailing dates available with Scenic Eclipse II. From Antarctica to the Kimberleys, the world is yours to explore.

Save up to $13,000pp

Antarcticas Ross Sea: Majestic Ice & Wildlife

  • 31 Jan ‘25
  • 23 nights
From $41,460 /person pp
Save up to $4,000pp

Discover the Kimberley Coastline -Darwin to Broome

  • 10 Aug ‘25
  • 10 nights
From $16,465 /person pp
Save up to $6,500pp

Japan & South Korea In Depth

  • 20 May ‘25
  • 17 nights
From $30,005 /person pp
Save up to $2,000pp

Mediterranean Escapade: Spain & the French Riviera

  • 29 Apr ‘25
  • 7 nights
From $9,445 /person pp
Save up to $7,500pp

Discover Komodo & The Spice Islands

  • 06 Jul ‘25
  • 15 nights
From $16,295 /person pp
Save up to $2,500pp

Alluring Rivieras: Cote d’Azur & Italian Coastline

  • 06 May ‘25
  • 7 nights
From $10,165 /person pp
Save up to $4,500pp

South Pacific Discovery

  • 09 Nov ‘25
  • 12 nights
From $14,295 /person pp
Save up to $3,000pp

Catalonia Coastlines to the Algarve

  • 03 Jun ‘25
  • 9 nights
From $13,670 /person pp
Save up to $7,500pp

Australia’s Top End: Cape York & the Great Barrier

  • 11 Oct ‘25
  • 15 nights
From $17,345 /person pp
Unveiling the Highlights of Luxury Yacht Cruising

The Emerald Cruises Experience

As part of Scenic Group alongside Scenic Cruises, Emerald Cruises began it’s life on land more than two decades ago and has since grown and evolved with the times and tastes of global travellers. Now, Emerald Cruises seamlessly blends modern exploration with luxury travel, taking guests on epic adventure across the Mediterranean and Adriatic coastlines; to the breathtaking Seychelles archipelago and Africa’s coast; to the extraordinary Red Sea; and the vibrant ports and islands of the Caribbean Sea.

Save up to $8250pp, Limited Offer!

Discover the Caribbean and the Grenadines – Luxury Yacht Cruise

  • 13 Dec ‘25
  • 14 nights
From $9,290 /person pp
Save from $2,750pp*

Safari and The Seychelles – Tour + Cruise

  • 28 Dec ‘24
  • 15 nights
From $14,295 /person pp

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