Charting New Waters: Discover Luxury Yacht Cruising with Scenic

22 April, 2024

Where Ultra-Luxury Meets Discovery

For those who want the 6-star, ultra-luxury, all-inclusive experience. 

For those who want to go further than ever before and simply discover more.

For those seeking the journey of a lifetime.


Introducing Scenic Eclipse I and II

When Scenic Eclipse I launched in 2019, it set a new benchmark for ultra-luxury ocean cruising. And in 2013, the launch of sister-ship Scenic Eclipse II cemented that standard. These two Discovery Yachts offer the best of both worlds, with custom design and world-class features that provide unrivalled exploration, , all set in the epitome of luxury. Together, they visit over 350 destinations worldwide, giving new meaning to discovering the world in comfort and style.

⚓ State-of-the-Art Design and Technology

Scenic’s luxury yachts are equipped with state-of-the-art design features and technologies that allow them to explore the most remote corners of the earth. These Polar Class 6 rated Discovery Yachts are truly unique, with custom stabilisers that are 50% larger than those found on other ships, providing exceptional stability. The reinforced hull, forward bow thrusters, and electronic Azipod propulsion system ensure safe navigation in the harshest conditions of regions like Antarctica and the Arctic.

Scenic Eclipse in Antarctica

The yachts are also equipped with GPS Dynamic Positioning, which helps maintain their location without disturbing sensitive seabeds. Additionally, their Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems and highly efficient engines result in reduced emissions, noise, and vibrations, ensuring minimal impact on the precious environments they visit. With these unique innovations, Scenic’s luxury yachts are not only luxurious but also environmentally responsible.

⚓ Immersive Observation

Scenic Eclipse I and II both venture to far-flung destinations of the world, and while on board, you’ll want to fully immerse yourself in the experience, not just observe from afar. That’s why both yachts have been thoughtfully designed with a spacious observation terrace at the front of the vessel, providing panoramic views of your surroundings. Additionally, the Observation Lounge offers prime viewing spots equipped with Swarovski telescopes. Scenic Eclipse I and II offer more than just a way to see the part of the world that you’re visiting – they offer a way to truly connect with and experience it. 

⚓ In-depth Exploration

Besides being able to obvserve the hard-to-reach destinations that few others will ever visit, Scenic also offers the most in-depth ways to explore them. Take a helicopter ride above stunning landscapes, uncovering hidden wonders beyond the horizon. Or dive into the deep blue sea to unravel the mysteries below. A fleet of zodiacs are always on hand to take you into the heart of your destination, and you can get up close and personal with nature on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. With all-inclusive, active discovery at its core, Scenic offers a whole new level of exploration.


⚓ Life On Board

Both yachts were meticulously designed for both exploration and 6-star luxury. Each Discovery Yacht boasts ten exquisitely designed decks, with the heart of of the vessel located on decks 4 and 5. Here, guests can enjoy a variety of dining experiences, bars, lounges, and even a theatre. Decks 5 and 9 are home to the indulgent ultra-luxury suites, while deck 10 is a serene spot designed for ultimate relaxation, complete with a bar, cabanas, and the luxurious Vitality Pool. 

For a stunning panoramic view, the Observation Deck and Lounge on deck 5 is the place to be, while deck 7 offers the opportunity to meet the navigation team and gain insight into the ship’s operations from the open bridge. The Senses Spa on deck 6 provides a luxurious retreat, and deck 7 is home to the Yacht Club, gym, yoga, and Pilates studio. Deck 3 is home to the Discovery Centre and the marina platform, where guests can prepare for kayak and SUP excursions, store their polar boots, and access zodiac and tender embarkations.

On every deck and in every space, you will find impeccable attention to detail, thoughtful touches to enhance your comfort, and luxurious amenities designed for your enjoyment. Whether you are unwinding in your lavish suite – a private sancturary of space and style; delighting in world-class dining; or relishing in the pure indulgence that is the Senses Spa, you will experience a new level of luxury in every moment. With innovative design and ultra-luxurious spaces, Scenic Eclipse I and II are truly set apart from the rest, offering a unique and exceptional cruise experience.

The Reception at Senses Spa, Scenic Eclipse

Truly All-Inclusive Luxury Yacht Cruise

Many cruise lines claim to be “all-inclusive”, but Scenic truly embodies this concept in every way possible. As a guest, you can expect:

⚓ an intimate, small ship experience with a maximum capacity of only 228 guests (200 in Antarctica)
⚓ spacious all-verandah, ultra-luxury suites
personalised butler service for every guest
all meals on board, with up to 10 dining experiences ranging from casual to fine dining
a wide selection of premium branded beverages, including over 100 whiskeys
the indulgent Senses Spa, gym, yoga, Pilates studio, and Vitality Pools
daily entertainment in the state-of-the-art theatre and Scenic Lounge
engaging on board lectures and education program
immersive excursions led by a team of experts (up to 20 on Polar Expedition Voyages, up to 15 on Discovery Voyages)
a program of Zodiac, kayak and SUP excursions that vary across the different voyage types
exclusive Scenic Enrich events and personalized Scenic Freechoice excursions
access to an e-bike fleet for onshore exploration
complimentary expedition parka and water bottle, plus use of special polar boots on Polar Expedition voyages
internal flights, airport transfers, tipping, and Wi-Fi included

With a crew-to-guest ratio close to 1:1, your time onboard is tailored to your every need. You will find that every detail of your comfort and peace of mind has been taken care of, ensuring an unparalleled luxury experience. Combine this with the world-class exploration features of each Yacht, and your journey is guaranteed to be one of luxury and discovery like no other.

Scenic Eclipse II – Sailaway from Lisbon, Portugal

Worldwide Discovery

In 2024 and 2025, Scenic Eclipse I is embarking on journeys of a lifetime through the Americas, Antarctic Peninsula, Europe and the Mediterranean. Be immersed in rich history, vibrant cultures, paradise-like beaches, breathtaking polar landscapes, and unbelievable wildlife experiences. Sister-ship, Scenic Eclipse II, will sail the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere, including East Antarctica, Australia, the South Pacific, and Asia. 

With itineraries covering 350 destinations across 63 countries and all seven continents, the world is truly yours to explore with Scenic Eclipse I and II.

They’re the 6-star, ultra-luxury experience that you’ve been looking for.

They’re the Discovery Yachts that will take you further than ever before .

They’re here to take you on the journey of a lifetime.

Image Gallery

Antarctica's Lemaire Channel

The Kimberley, Western Australia

Scenic Eclipse I and II in Antarctica

Fournier Bay in Antarctica

A Deluxe Verandah Suite

Sky Deck on board Scenic Eclipse II

An Adelie Penguin On Ice, Antarctica

The Grand Panorama Deck

Owners Penthouse Deck

Elements on Scenic Eclipse

Azure Bar and Cafe

Scenic Eclipse in Paradise Harbour

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