Redang Island, Malaysia

If you’ve been dreaming of a paradise escape, a visit to Redang Island (Pulau Redang) should be high on your bucket list. Located on Peninsular Malaysia’s east coast, Redang Island is surrounded by aquamarine waters, sun-kissed sand and swaying palm trees.

Diving and snorkelling are top activities on the island thanks to its incredible coral formations and marine life. While underwater, keep your eyes peeled for friendly reef sharks, moray eels and beautiful schools of fish.

With its natural beauty and promise of relaxation and adventure, it’s no wonder Redang Island is a much-loved tourist spot. Star Cruises is one popular cruise line offering trips to this picturesque destination.

Port Location

Some cruise lines lay anchor offshore Redang Island and tender passengers in. Others may organise transport to Kuala Terengganu or Merang, where passengers can then catch boats to Redang Island.

Port Facilities

There are many resorts located near the jetty at Redang Island, but it is advised to head into its town centre or to one of the many popular snorkelling spots. As there are no ATMs located on the island, it is best to withdraw any spare cash before arriving.   

How to Get Around

As there are no roads on Redang Island apart from the main road reaching the island’s airport, it’s recommended to explore the area by boat. Check with your cruise line to see which transport options will best suit your itinerary. There are a few places you can reach on foot, including the town centre and a few of Redang Island’s walking and hiking trails. You can also explore much of Pulau Pinang Marine Park on foot as well.

Travel times from Redang Island Jetty:

On foot:

  • It is a 31 minute journey into town.

Other travel times depend on the speed of the island’s boats.

General Information

  • Currency – Have some Malaysian ringgit (RM) spare in your pockets before visiting Redang Island as there are no ATMs available. Coins come in denominations of 5, 10, 20, and 50 sen, and banknotes come in RM1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100.

  • Time Zone – Redang Island runs by Malaysian Time (MYT), which puts it 8 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Daylight Savings Time is not observed.

  • Weather – Redang Island is characterised by a tropical climate throughout the year. Temperatures generally sit around 30 degrees Celsius. Due to the northeast monsoon that affects Redang Island annually, many resorts and ferry services are closed from November to February. Be sure to carry around a bottle of water and wear plenty of sunscreen.


  • Marine Park – Located on Pulau Pinang and home to a great range of activities is the Marine Park. Operating under a Malaysian marine development program, the park not only draws in tourists; it also works to research and protect marine life. Snorkelling and diving are some of the park’s most popular activities. Those wanting to relax will enjoy soaking up some sun while turquoise waters lap against pure white sands. When exploring underwater, divers and snorkellers will be treated to incredible coral gardens, colourful clouds of fish, and other sea life. Eels and barracudas are common in the shallow waters and stingrays can also be spotted among the reefs. The shipwreck on the park’s eastern side is another great spot to explore for those seeking some adventure. Hiking is another popular activity at the Marine Park. The boardwalk on the right side of the park leads up to the mountain and a lighthouse, which offers incredible views of Redang Island. Those who want to see some turtles won’t be disappointed while visiting the park either. It has its own turtle hatchery that is open to the public.

  • Sunrise and Sunset – If you’re staying overnight or staying until late, be sure to bask in Redang Island’s spectacular sunrise or sunset. These times are especially beautiful in Redang Island, as the air is cool compared to the hot temperatures throughout the day. Order a drink, sit back on the sand or on a boat and take a few pictures – they’ll be worth framing when you arrive back home.

  • Trekking – As Redang Island has a rich ecosystem, go off the beaten path with a few shipmates by trekking away from the village’s road. Keep an eye out for rare plants and a great variety of animals, including shy mouse deer, macaque monkeys, water monitors, bats and even goats and sheep. Another popular track to explore runs from Pasir Panjang to Teluk Dalam.

  • Local Food – Redang Island doesn’t disappoint when it comes to enjoying a delicious local meal. Authentic Malay food is one such favourite among tourists, as well as spicy Thai meals and Chinese dishes. 

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