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Your Cruise Holiday Checklist

Posted April 1st, 2016

Whether you're a first-time cruiser or a seasoned veteran on the water, it's never fun to realise you've forgotten something crucial right before boarding the ship.

We recommend referring to our checklist, which covers everything from pre-travel planning to items you'll likely miss if you leave them at home. Tick the following off to ensure your cruise holiday is memorable for all the right reasons.

Cruise holiday

Are You Ready To Go?

Have you got ... your travel documents?

  • Remember to double-check your cruise and travel documentation for any discrepancies in passenger name, date of birth, address and any other important details. Contact your travel consultant immediately if you notice a mistake.
  • In the essence of 'better safe than sorry', you should carry an additional copy of your documents and leave another copy with a relative or friend back home.

Have you ... reconfirmed your flight with the airline?

  • Airlines have the right to change flight times and dates without notice, so it's important to contact your arline at least 24 hours before travel to confirm flight details.
  • While you've got them on the phone you should also make sure your frequent flyer number(s) and any special requests (meal, seating etc.) have been included.

Are your ... passports and visas in order?

  • Almost all countries require your passport to have at least six months validity. Make sure your intended destinations don't require visitor visas (such as the United States' ESTA) before leaving.

Trying to pack a full bag

How heavy ... are your bags?

  • If you don't want to pay for excess baggage, you'll need to check your airline's baggage allowances to make sure your luggage adheres to their weight or piece limitations.
  • Study what items are allowed in carry-on bags and what items must be left in your checked baggage. If you're found carrying anything banned, you will either have to give it to someone not flying or throw it in the bin.

Have you ... arranged travel insurance?

  • Travel insurance is necessary cover for all travellers and is invaluable if any unwanted accidents occur during your holiday. It's never meant to be used, but when needed can be the difference between a mishap and a disaster. We recommend going with Australian provider Cover-More for comprehensive coverage.

Is your ... travel advice up to date?

  • For up-to-date travel advice about a particular destination, you should contact the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Call them on 1300 139 281 or visit

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Foreign currencies

Cruise Holiday Checklist

Have you remembered to ...

Ο Give relatives or friends your overseas or interstate contact details

Ο Make copies of travel documents – passport, travel insurance, itinerary etc. – to leave with relatives or friends not travelling

Ο Convert your currency into a foreign denomination, or organise travellers cheques or a cash passport

Ο Arrange travel insurance

Ο Advise the cruise line and/or airline of any medical conditions or disabilities you have that may require assistance

Ο Reserve your shore tours

Have you packed ...

Ο Camera, lenses, spare batteries, film, memory card and charger

Ο Travel-size first aid kit

Ο Maps and sightseeing and language guides (in book or app form)

Ο Money belt

Ο International phone simcard

Ο Driver's license

Ο Personal appliances (hairdryer, electric razor, hair straightener etc.)

Ο Powerpoint adapter

Ο Neck pillow and ear plugs

Ο Hat, sunscreen, raincoat and insect repellent

Ο Any necessary medicine or medical aids

Do you need to ...

Ο Arrange international roaming for your mobile phone

Ο Arrange global access for email

Ο Arrange for your mail to be collected

Ο Arrange pet care

Ο Notify your bank of your travel plans and dates

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