Carnival Inspiration Docked in Mexico

Working on a Cruise Ship

Posted February 3rd, 2012

By Kyle Davis

Here’s a little about me and how I came to work on a cruise ship.

Often times, throughout our lives, we meet people that have done extraordinary things; been to extraordinary places and some of them have even managed to get paid doing it. That’s not to say that I am a particularly extraordinary person, but I can certainly rank my experiences working on cruise ships as one of the most extraordinary and exciting things I have ever done. So how did I end up working on cruise ships? To be honest, the story is rather ordinary.

I had reached a point in my life, hovering in a sort of limbo that seems to manifest itself out of the novelty of not having to go to school anymore but still being young enough to only work part time while systematically rendering the fridge and cupboards void of any type of food that was even partially eatable.  Magically, in between Xbox sessions and naps, the cupboards somehow filled themselves again. Ah the joys of living at home! And I am sure Mum was only but all too happy to have me there. I think. Anyway…

The idea of travelling was not top on my priority list as I had just spent the summer touring the

states. I just wanted to sit around and be a bum for a while. I have a twin sister, who at the time must have been feeling restless at home. Indeed the travel bug had bit her and she figured what better way to see the world than to work on a cruise ship?

If you have ever tried to get a job on cruise ships, apparently the task can be quite difficult. I understand that Tiana (my sister) spent many days and many dollars collecting information and contacts with the final goal of working on a cruise ship. Tiana tends to be particularly tenacious when it comes to achieving goals, so no doubt she poured her heart and soul into this task. Meanwhile, my Xbox controller was getting properly worn out.

They say persistence pays off, and in this case, it certainly did for Tiana. After about a solid 2 months of emails, calls, follow-ups, resumes, faxes and letters; the call came in. I remember clearly being downstairs while she was going through the phone interview. It was very obvious to me that she was under terrible strain to conceal her excitement. I was happy for her, she worked extremely hard, to the point of excess, to get what she wanted and it was all working out. Truly, she was enjoying the spoils of hard fought battle.

She finished up on the phone and ran downstairs to tell me the good news! She was flying out in two weeks to join her very first cruise ship in Florida! She then asked me “Kyle, would you like to work on cruise ships too?”

“ummm, maybe”


“Answer it”

So exactly two weeks later I myself, was speeding through the crowded streets of Cozumel Mexico on my way to join my first Cruise ship, The Carnival Inspiration. And so began a journey that would last nearly five years and take me around the world. It would be nearly 3 years before I saw my sister in person again, but that’s another story to come.


Today's Cruise Specialist- Kyle Davies

Kyle has experience as a part of the shipboard crew on many diverse vessels, spanning several different cruise lines. It has given him the opportunity to discover the nuances of ship life from the Super Liners to the Intimate Boutique-Deluxe Ships. The areas of travel that Kyle is most familiar with include North America, Caribbean/Mexico, the Mediterranean and the Baltics. He is also affluent with other areas of the world and will knowledgeably make a solid recommendation for you. Kyle is a native of Canada and will serve you with enthusiasm and precision. To contact Kyle, call him at Cruiseabout Belmont on 1300 092 305, or email him at


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