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Windstar Cruises’ New Star Collector Voyages

Posted October 25th, 2017

If you’ve ever entertained the idea of exploring Asia, now is the time to make it happen. Luxury small ship cruise line Windstar Cruises has introduced six new Star Collector Voyages for 2018, each to bring you a unique encounter with this exotic region.

Let romance blossom in romantic port destinations

You’ll travel in comfort for an unforgettable adventure – to the emerald waters of the Philippines, to Thailand’s National Marine Park, to Japan’s samurai homes, and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

  • The Subterranean River
  • Colonial George Town
  • Mount Fuji
  • The Great Wall
  • And much more

These hassle-free holidays present perfect opportunities to immerse yourself in Asian history, cultures and flavours. Plus, there’s a point of difference we can’t help but mention: the Star Legend cruise ship carries just 212 guests.

“Windstar’s Asia Collection now offers larger-than-life adventures and exceptional experiences only possible on a small ship,” Windstar President John Delaney says.

“Windstar will proudly sail straight into the heart of must-see Asian cities where larger ships typically dock on the outskirts.”

Here’s a quick seek peek at what to expect on each of these new cruises.

The lush paradise of Busuanga island in the Palawan province (Philippines)

Windstar’s President’s Cruise: The Best of the Philippines & Borneo (14 days)

Where better to bring in the new year than on one of the best islands in the world? Windstar’s President’s Cruise touring the Philippines and Borneo departs January 6 (and February 17) next year. As you might gather from its name, President of Windstar John Delaney will join the passengers on board.

Experience the exquisite, natural beauty of the Philippines’ islands and beaches on this cruise, including Boracay Island and Palawan – both regularly voted Best Island of the Year. Get to know Manila with an overnight stop, explore one of the wealthiest countries in the world in Brunei, and see the beautiful Subterranean River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Singapore & Siam Holiday (7 days)

The Singapore & Siam Holiday, departing December 23 this year, presents a welcome alternative to an often stressful holiday season. It offers instead the opportunity to explore regions saturated in cultures and flavours, from Singapore to Malaysia to Phuket.

Swim in the pristine waters of Ko Yao Noi, lose yourself in the urban beauty of Singapore, visit Penang’s World-Heritage-listed George Town, paddle in Thailand’s National Marine Park, and so much more.

Foodie heaven on the streets of World-Heritage-listed George Town, Penang

Aleutian Islands & North Pacific Crossing (16 days)

The Aleutian Islands and North Pacific Crossing cruise will set sail between Seward, Alaska and Tokyo, Japan, on September 10, 2018. Travellers on this cruise will truly experience the advantages of a smaller-sized vessel, as it goes from island to island along the Aleutian Archipelago. 

It can certainly help you knock a few more off your bucket list, too, with the chance to see Kodiak’s legendary brown bears, the icy Kenai Fjords, and the incredible cliffs and caves of Miyako’s coastline. Nature lovers will enjoy a kayak on the remote waters of Sand Point where they may even see bison, and history buffs can’t miss the WWII Museum in Dutch Harbour.

Traditional Japanese Samurai Women

Grand Japan (10 days)

The Grand Japan cruise helps to paint a very vivid picture of this country’s unique history and culture: with visits to Edo-period gardens, preserved samurai homes, and the Peace Memorial Parks of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Gaze at the wonder that is Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well an unforgettable landmarks like 16th-century Osaka Castle and (another UNESCO site) the Makimura-jinja Shrine.

Pop Culture Kings of Asia (11 days)

Spanning just 11 days but serving up more than 17 UNESCO sites, the Pop Culture Kings of Asia cruise is epic.

Embarking from Tokyo on October 16, you’ll visit the birthplace of J-Pop and Harajuku culture, shop to your heart’s content at Seoul’s largest underground mall, and find peace in Kyoto and Japan’s Bamboo Forest.

When arriving at your last port of call in Beijing, see the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and the Ming Tombs. 

China's Forbidden City holds 9,999 rooms filled with ancient artefacts

Comprehensive China Exploration (11 days)

The Comprehensive China Exploration is one to tantalise your senses. You’ll discover delicious culinary delights, soothing hot springs, and incredible sights in Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Taiwan – including the ancient Watertown ‘Venice of China’.

It’s certainly one for the food enthusiast (which, really, aren’t we all?), with the chance to taste local dishes from Taiwanese night markets, an authentic dim sum in Hong Kong, and the local brewed beer in Qingdao. 


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