Why Cruising is best for the First Time Visitor to Europe

Posted October 8th, 2012

Cruising is an unbeatable holiday option, wherever you wish to travel, as it provides great value for money, luxurious facilities and great on-board entertainment. When you are travelling to a destination like Europe, however, the advantages of a cruise holiday become endless.

With so many breathtaking destinations to see throughout Europe, it is often difficult to travel to all of your desired destinations. A cruising holiday, however, can provide a glimpse into the culture and heritage of world class destinations, on one simple journey. If you’re planning a first-time trip to Europe, check out these great reasons why you should choose a cruising getaway.

Experience Luxury

While Europe is a popular holiday destination, luxurious accommodation can be rather expensive, throughout a number of countries. If you’re experiencing a European getaway for the first time, travel in style with the luxurious accommodation and facilities, on-board a world class cruise liner. Forget the backpacker hostels and budget accommodation – live like a king or queen during your European cruise!

See Everything

As mentioned previously, Europe is such a vast destination, often making it difficult to visit all of the attractions and destinations on offer. A cruising holiday, however, allows you to make the most of your European adventure, by embarking on a journey to discover several countries, in one easy getaway. During a European cruise, you are likely to experience no less than the beauty of 20 different countries. Popular ports throughout Europe include Stockholm, Venice, Athens, Rome, Naples and Barcelona.

Cruise the Greek Isles, discover the Vatican City and cruise the Italian Riviera, all in one holiday!

Safety & Security

If you’re not a seasoned traveller, Europe can be quite a daunting destination. Finding your way around, using public transport in an international country, while struggling with a language barrier, can really take the fun out of your holiday. Travelling on board a luxury cruise liner allows you to see the breathtaking countryside and European cities, while still having the safety and security of a team of travel professionals.

The Best Family Experience

While Europe is an unbeatable holiday destination, it can be a challenging venture, particularly when travelling with younger children. Having to pack and unpack constantly, while moving between countries, can be a hassle for the whole family. When embarking on a cruising expedition, you’ll only have to unpack once, leaving you to enjoy your holiday, in the surrounds of your home away from home.

Cruising holidays are perfect for both first time travellers and those who are well acquainted with the European countryside. Discover ancient cities and island paradises, as you disembark at some of the most magnificent ports in the world. We have loads of great cruise deals that will have you sailing the European coast and basking in all of its glory!

If you are interested in cruising Europe - whether by sea or by river - call one of our Cruise Specialists on 1300 954 661 today!

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