Why A Cruise Is the Best Way to See Hawaii

Posted January 29th, 2018

There’s no sight more magical than seeing the Hawaiian Islands emerge from the horizon of the North Pacific Ocean. And there’s no better way to get that view than from the luxury comfort of a cruise ship.

Visiting Hawaii is a traveller’s dream for millions of people around the world, and doing it by cruise is the best way to do it for many reasons.

The Majestic Sights

Hawaii is best known for its iconic mountains and volcanoes that are most glorious when seen from a ship. As you approach the Big Island, Oahu, Kuaui, Maui, and the other islands, the capes of these green giants reach out and welcome you. This is an enchanting experience that you’ll be seeing from the same viewpoint as the ancient Tahitian explorers that settled the islands over a thousand years ago.

Simple Planning

Finding the cheapest flights and the right hotel can be a difficult and drawn out process. However, when booking a cruise, there’s just the one process. You have your travel, accommodation and even your meals catered for – making the holiday an ocean breeze.

Cruise liners are also devoted to your ultimate holiday. This means they provide professional excursion planners on board who have extensive experience in planning tours and activities. Cruises will set you down on the main island for at least a day, letting you soak up the sun and the incredible culture with whatever you choose to do.

You can count on cruises too. They provide reliable services, ensuring every meal is delicious and each sleep in your private cabin is refreshing.

Easy Passage Between Islands

Finding passage between the islands can be tricky and expensive, but cruises do all the travelling. This pre-determined passage helps you plan your daily trips, as you always know where you’re going to be, and save money.


With on-board meals catered for on your ship, your trip’s expenses won’t jump out and catch you off-guard. This is handy in Hawaii, which isn’t exactly a cheap destination. With the benefits of a cruise package, you won’t be eating at an expensive restaurant or paying high taxi fares every day.

Ports also offer free shuttle buses, taking the hassle out of travelling from ports to cities. This lets you save your holiday money and spend it on the good stuff, like local artwork, traditional clothing or an unforgettable helicopter trip.

Time In Port

Depending on your cruise itinerary and cruise line, the amount of time you have to explore at each port varies, so it pays to do your research. Norweigan Cruise Line offers trips with up to seven days in port! This gives you more time to soak up the spirit of Hawaii on land and fit in all the more activities, like hula dancing and volcano hikes.

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