Queen Mary 2 in NYC

Why Are Transatlantic Cruises So Good?

Posted December 11th, 2017

Most cruises have a few land destinations along their path, but a transatlantic cruise is basically just endless ocean… so what makes the trip worth it?

Well, you’ll be setting out across the old romantic highway that ships have sailed for hundreds of years. And if you do it aboard Cunard’s Queen Mary 2, you’ll be making the iconic voyage in world-class luxury.

Cunard is one of very few cruise liners regularly making the transatlantic crossing. With trips between New York and Southampton, Queen Mary 2 can take you on a one-way cruise in either direction, or on a return trip.

Step aboard a ship that serves. With extravagant entertainment and fine dining, it’s an incomparable journey. Below are just a few features the ship has on offer to keep you entertained and enraptured in the experience.

Dining And Bars

A transatlantic cruise is just about you, so the dining options on board are made to satisfy. From the seasonal specialty menus in different restaurants, to the bars filled with live jazz or piano, there’s the perfect meal and atmosphere for every night.

Restaurants – The wide range of restaurants on board offer engaging environments with non-stop, superb meals. Whether the salty breeze gives you a craving for crab, or you’re after a dish from home, you won’t be disappointed by the diverse and exciting menus.

Bars – Each bar engages you with its own charm from the very beginning, from the class of the Commodore Club and their long list of Martinis on offer, to the warmth of the Golden Lion English pub.


Even if there were stopovers, you wouldn’t want to leave. The entertainment on board goes beyond even what most cities can offer.

Royal Court Theatre – Day and night performances by Royal Cunard dancers and singers bring life to the seas. Catch one of their mesmerising shows or join in on an acting class during the day.

Planetarium – Learn about the stars you’re cruising under in the planetarium. With dynamic shows run by Royal Astronomical Society experts, it’s an immersive experience – one unmatched on open water.

Guest speakers – From world-famous explorers to politicians and actors, there’s a special guest ready to give you insights into their experiences of the world and humanity.

Empire Casino – Fitted like a classic casino and with modern special events, shake up your adrenaline by shaking up the dice at Empire Casino.


Far away from the world, you can finally unwind. Here are a few ways you can relax as you cruise over the smooth, blue ocean.

Lounge – Whether you want to lounge inside or in the sun, there are dozens of decks and lounges available for you to sit back and enjoy the calming views.

Library – Pick up a book from the largest library at sea and read next to rising waves.

Canyon Ranch Spa Club – Be pampered by professionals with massages and treatments, or bring your body to life with a swim in the pool or a run in the gym.

Cunard Grills

Each of the cabins and suites on offer live up to the high standards of luxury. For Cunard Grill guests, luxury takes on a new meaning as the ocean turns into a royal red carpet. Here are some exclusive offers available for Queens and Princess Grill guests:

Luxury suites – The spacious suites on offer make it seem like you’re not confined to a ship at all. The Queens Grill suite is your personal respite with stunning furnishings and open living areas.

Butler  A butler is permanently on call to provide for any of your requests.

Exclusive dining – The Queens Grill and Princess Grill restaurant bring classic Cunard dishes and modern dishes to your table every meal.

Room service – If you don’t feel like sharing your meal with a crowd, stay in your stateroom and have the same exemplary dining service in your bed with complimentary room service.

Does a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean, to New York or Southampton, sound perfect for your next trip? Call our cruise consultants on 1300 769 228 for more information today. Our friendly team of experts can help you find and plan the right trip for you.



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