Using Credit Card Rewards on Cruises

Posted March 1st, 2013

Cruises are becoming more and more popular every year that goes by: with bigger ships, better deals and more on board facilities, why wouldn't they be climbing up the popularity ladder? They are a fantastic and unique way to travel, providing the epitome of sun and sea while offering you fun-packed activities, delicious meals and stunning shows. Fortunately, cruises are progressively becoming more affordable – especially when they are combined with discounts and deals.

Using Credit Card Rewards on Cruises

As with other forms of travel, credit card companies have developed credit card deals with cruise lines to offer points, rewards and similar systems to their customers who are going on a cruise. Much like a frequent flyer card, these work in a similar manner and can help reduce your on board costs. They can be used in a variety of ways, but as with many of these points systems they can get a little confusing.

Here is all the information that you need to help you use your reward points to get the most for your money!

Credit Cards and reward points - Cruise Line Rewards

Today, you will find that almost every major branded credit card will offer some form of rewards in conjunction with your cruise line. The points or rewards collected here will only be used with the line that you are staying with, so bear this is mind when choosing to use this form of points. If, however, you want your points to be solely used with one particular cruise line then this is exactly the form you should pick!

Generally with this form of rewards points you will receive a large 'menu' of options available for spending your points, which makes this an extremely popular choice. Each card issuer will differ in the terms of how many points they offer, but they typically work on a system of 10,000 points when you first use your card, as a welcome bonus and then after this it would be 1 point for every dollar spent. Once you have collected your points, they can be used towards discounts and full payments on board the ship, this includes everything from food to on board entertainment, with discounts starting at around 2 percent or receiving casino chips for the value of the points - what more could you want!

Much like Frequent Flyer cards, these points can also pay for your cruise tickets. Caribbean cruises, as an example, could be free when you have 50,000 points and each cruise line has its own version. Imagine all the money you would save to put towards a new wardrobe for your holiday!

Non Cruise Line rewards

If you decide that a specific cruise line card is not right for you, maybe you will only ever take one cruise, then there are still options available for you to save money on purchases. The most often used are cash back cards, these are great for any holiday, but especially cruises where you are constantly in one area all holiday! These cards generally work on a rate of at least 1% cash back, but this does depend on how you use your card and how much you spend.

There are also many cards that offer rewards for travelling, this can be in cash like before or can give you gift cards and money off booking fees. Contact your card companies to find out if your cards fall into this area. In terms of gift cards, this is very similar to cash back cards and many major shops are now offering their version of these cards. They typically work on the notion of 1 point for every dollar you spend and once you have $10 you will receive a gift card to be redeem in that particular shop. What can be better than getting money back to shop?

As you can see, there are many options for getting discounts, freebies and even cash back whilst on a cruise thus making them a much more desirable way to travel than in previous years!

Guest Blogger - Ronit Epstein

You can redeem Commonwealth Awards points for travel with Cruiseabout - visit our website, or call your Cruise Specialist on 1300 954 661 for more details!


Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger

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