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Uniworld Cruise Review: Nuremberg to Budapest

Posted November 17th, 2017

With nearly six years of ocean cruising under his belt but having never experienced the serenity of cruising on an inland river, Jared Voss, Cruise Specialist of Cruiseabout Mt Eliza Way felt it was time to broaden his professional experience and see what this luxury river cruising was all about.  And so with some trusted fellow cruisers, he ventured on a Uniworld River Cruise. Here is what he had to say...

My travelling companions and I arrived in Munich a few days before the cruise to take in some of the great sights of the city. Then it was an easy fast train trip to Nuremberg where we got to see quite a bit on a walking tour before we were transferred down to the Danube to the River Beatrice, our floating home for the next little while.  

First Impressions

The first impressions of River Beatrice, were both joyful and filled with eager anticipation because whilst she looked sleekly contemporary on the outside, she absolutely stunned on the inside. There was the amazing chandelier upon entering the main foyer, jars of lollies and the daily newspapers from a number of countries next to the service desk, all with welcoming pursers. I have to mention the pursers because their service and personal attention to all of the guests was second to none and they had an amazing skill to quickly be able to remember everyone’s names and favourites drinks and dishes.

Modern exterior with luxury awaiting inside. (Image courtesy of Jared Voss).

French Balcony Rooms Revealed

Our cabin was a French Balcony room with amazing bathroom facilities and probably one of the softest most comfortable beds I have had in all of my travels. This combined with the personal touches from our room attendant made for a good first impression that just kept on delivering for the entire cruise. There were lots of signs that our comfort and enjoyment were paramount at all times, with things like the nice little water bottle to take along on tours, and the hearing devices for the guides used just about daily had a charging dock conveniently located on the bench to remind us to charge daily for all our amazing city tours.

Service and Food

Uniworld River Cruises are all about their 6-star service and food and drink and we felt that this was well and truly delivered right from our first dinner in the main restaurant. I can still remember the first appetiser of smoked trout salad with fresh made crackers and the beautiful locally sourced wine that matched perfectly.

And what about the food! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner were first class every day and beautifully enhanced by the amazing service from the wait and kitchen staff. It was great too that the cooks and chefs often came into the dining room offering their thoughts and advice on the food they were serving.  After dinner we often found ourselves having a delightful nightcap that was accompanied by a singer and pianist duet – the perfect end to a perfect day.

Stylish cake, rich itinerary, gorgeous food, luxury boat - what's not to like? (Image courtesy of Jared Voss).

Tours on Offer

I really liked the day tours because they offered simple easy options and the BMW factory tour for me was a real highlight in Regensburg.  This was closely followed by our bike ride from Passau over the Austrian border for a tasty Weiss beer in a quaint little beer garden with our guides. The ship had bikes on board that you could use for no additional charge and you could take these for the whole day and return at your leisure.

Other little extra touches for the tours was when our Captain walked us to his favourite little bar in Passau as we had an overnight there, and he gave some great personal insights to the area. He was just so passionate about our itinerary that he couldn’t do enough for us.

A tour to the Spitz Winery enhanced by the fact that we knew that we would be enjoying some samples on board. (Image courtesy of Jared Voss).

All tours were included in the price except for a few exclusive options that we selected as they incurred only a small extra fee. I would say to anyone considering Uniworld Europe River Cruise that having these tours as options combined with the ability to book literally the night before, is a big plus. My friend on board was able to change from one to the other to allow for changing weather conditions with no problem at all for the Uniworld crew.


The highlight of this trip and advice I would give anyone looking to do this river cruise to make sure that they prepare themselves for the experience of sailing into Budapest at night. The best way I can convey how beautiful it is, is to state that of all the amazing ports I have sailed in and out from all around the world, after experiencing sailing to Budapest at night, I now have a new number one.

Butlers in Budapest. All part of the friendly service. (Image courtesy of Jared Voss).

If you are considering a river cruise that features Budapest, it really is a Central European capital city and port not to be missed. Our itinerary included quite a number of great Budapest attractions that had been carefully selected by Uniworld to maximise this beautiful city.


I am absolutely sold on the Europe river cruise concept and I’d recommend anyone to consider a Uniworld Europe river cruise because it is a wonderful hassle-free holiday on board a luxurious ship where you can do as much or as little as you want.  To top it off, there is a really attentive crew who second guess your every want and need. The Uniworld itinerary had us sailing through central Europe along the magnificent Danube past incredible sights with plenty of opportunities to explore charming old-world villages and Gothic cathedrals. All this with no seasickness! I think I have become a river cruise convert.

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