UNESCO World Heritage Sites You Can Cruise to

Posted November 21st, 2016

From delicious food and drinks to onboard activities that bring passengers together, cruise ship travel is a fantastic way of seeing the world - and there are hundreds of wonderful sites for you to tick off your bucket list. What are you waiting for? Here are some UNESCO World Heritage Sites you can cruise to.

The Acropolis of Athens

Amazing sunsets, beautiful beaches and pristine coastline - Greece is an amazing destination for cruise ship travellers. But it is on the mainland that you’ll find the country’s most iconic site - the World Heritage listed ancient citadel, the Acropolis of Athens. Standing high and proud over the Greek capital, the Acropolis contains the remains of several historically significant buildings such as the Parthenon and offers superb views across Athens and beyond.

Historic centre of Florence

If the lure of a Florentine steak and glass of Chianti isn’t enough to capture your imagination in Florence, then the city’s historic centre will certainly do the trick. Check out Michelangelo’s David in the Galleria dell’Accademia or stroll across the beautiful Ponte Vecchio bridge and gaze at an array of traditional jewellery shops, boutique stores and artisan studios.


The pre-Hispanic city of Chichen-Itza might not be the first place you think of when researching cruise ships holidays but it’s as good a reason as any to book a spot aboard a western Caribbean cruise. One of the most important and stunning representations of Mayan history, Chichen-Itza’s construction began around 600AD with the modern site featuring the 100-foot-high stepped pyramid, El Castillo.

Works of Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that knows how to party. Its fun loving and unique approach to life is perfectly captured by the artworks and design traits of Antoni Gaudi. Whenever people discuss Catalan art and culture, Gaudi is the first name that is brought up. Seven of his modernist buildings are protected by UNESCO including Casa Vicens and the Crypt of La Sagrada Familia.

Hieronymites Monastery, Lisbon

La Sagrada Familia might be renowned for its immaculate detail and intricately carved features but if your cruise ship is docking in Lisbon, you’ll be equally amazed by the Hieronymites Monastery which took 100 years to build. From its pretty beaches to stunning architecture and tasty cuisine, Lisbon is a city that never disappoints, no matter what time of year you visit and the Hieronymites Monastery is a must see attraction.

Mazagan, Morocco

A perfect blend of European and African culture and architecture, the ancient Portuguese settlement of Mazagan in Morocco is sure to rank as one of the highlights of any cruise ship holiday that drops anchor in this part of the world. Mazagan boasts many five star resorts and modern luxuries but has still managed to maintain its distinct charm and respect for its historical roots.

Gorée, Senegal

Further down the African coastline, situated off the coast of Senegal (in the Atlantic Ocean) is the UNESCO World Heritage listed island of Gorée. Ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch, English and French in succession, the contrast between rich and poor living areas in Gorée is a sobering reminder of the island’s inextricable link to the African slave trade. Despite this, it is an island best defined by its mesmerising beauty and tranquil surrounds.

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