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Top Reasons to Consider a Cruise

Posted September 23rd, 2014

Cruising has long been regarded as a romantic throwback to a bygone era of travel, with the salt air, the open ocean and exotic ports of call calling your name. The romance of cruising still exists, but one cannot deny that cruising has evolved into a whole new experience - which many people have yet to try.

Some worry about seasickness, others think they will be bored stuck on the ship all day long. Others think its for the "overly fed and nearly dead". If you are someone who has yet to try a cruise - but may be weighing up the idea - here are some of the top reasons why the pros certainly outweigh any of the cons you may be thinking!

Travel Far, Unpack Once

Cruising offers an excellent alternative to airports, taxis and hotels, which can often leave you feeling more exhausted at the end of your holiday than you were at the beginning. Your cruise ship, aka your floating resort, will take you from city to city or island to island with the greatest of ease. No flight delays, no expensive hotels, no packing and unpacking... on a cruise, you unpack once and then let the ship do all the work. All that is left for you to do is wake up each morning, head onshore and explore. Sound like an ideal holiday?

Your next holiday could be onboard this beauty, the Pacific Jewel

Value For Money

All you need to do to see the value in cruising is add up all the costs of a land-based holiday (flights, hotels, car hire, taxis, food, drinks.... the list goes on) and compare it to the cost of a cruise. Your basic cruise fare includes your accommodation, your main meals, daily activities and nightly entertainment, and your transport between destinations. Some cruise lines also offer fantastic deals with bonus onboard credit, drink packages, free Wi-Fi and more. It's extremely good value for money, and especially handy in that you know what your holiday will cost you upfront. All you need to factor in is alcohol, internet access, laundry, shore excursions or spa treatments - all of which are optional.

Dream Destinations

A major drawcard for a cruising holiday is definitely the destinations, or ports of call. You can visit a number of diverse places all in one trip. Go snorkelling on a reef one day and shop in a local village the next. Explore ancient ruins in the morning, and relax back onboard with a cocktail in the afternoon. Your ship will take from you destination to destination each day - maybe with some sea days in between - and the day is yours to do with as you please. Explore in the morning and head back on the ship for lunch, or spend the whole day out and about and embark in time for sunset from your balcony. Each day offers you the opportunity to turn your dream destinations into reality.

Discover paradise as you cruise from island to island

Delectable Dining

Cruises are renowned for their fabulous restaurants and eateries! Main meals are included in your fare for the buffet and the main restaurant - which is usually a three-course affair - but you can also treat yourself, or celebrate a special occasion, with a meal in a speciality restaurant. Ranging from hearty steakhouses to Celebrity-Chef restaurants, these are an experience within themselves, so are definitely worth the small extra fee they require. However, dining on a cruise ship caters to all budgets and tastes, so you don't need to book a speciality restaurant for a gourmet experience - the whole ship offers you just this!

Do As Much or As Little As You Please

The fantastic thing about a cruise holiday is that it can be exactly what you want it to be. If you are after an activity-filled, entertaining holiday - you can be on the go 24/7 on your cruise, both onshore and onboard, with entertainment offered day and night. If you are after a relaxing break, you can also do just that - spending the day by the pool, treating yourself to a massage, or just spending the morning sleeping in. You can literally do as much or as little as you please, and make your cruise exactly what you need it to be.

Spend your day relaxing by the pool

Have we managed to convince you why you should try a cruising holiday? We hope so! If not - our Cruising Specialists have a hundred more reasons why you should! If we have - then get yourself onboard and book your cruise holiday today. Either way, just call one of our Cruising Specialists on 1300 954 661 and take the next step!

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