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Top Questions to Ask Your Cruise Consultant

Posted March 7th, 2013

If you’re considering going on a cruise and are in the initial stages of enquiring, you’ll have many questions you want answered prior to making a commitment. Especially if this will be your first cruise, there’ll be a bunch of uncertainties you want clarified in order to make that final decision.

Just like any holiday, you’ll be excited, yet a little nervous of what to expect. Once you made that inevitable decision to partake on an expedition on a favourable cruise line, there are a number of questions you’ll want answered before embarking on the exciting departure date.

How Much Money Should I Take on Board?

This is a common question most people ask. As cruises will include the accommodation and most meals, you won’t need

How much money will I need?

to take too much extra cash. There will be some extra services that will be at your own additional expense, such as alcohol, souvenirs and any destination based activities while disembarked. So you should have a little extra saved for these expenses. However these are all at your discretion so you don’t necessarily have to partake in any additional activities or make extra purchases. These days cruise lines issue you with an onboard swipe card, so all your expenses on board will be added to your account through your card. This can be paid at the end via credit card, or you can opt to pay by cash. You should also keep some cash handy for onshore activities, and if you are travelling internationally, you should investigate your foreign exchange options before you leave.

Will I Get Sea Sick?

If you commonly get sea sick then chances are you may experience a little sickness in the first couple days. However, the cruise ship will be much bigger than what you are used to, much steadier and you may not feel much movement. However many people do feel a little uneasy at first, therefore you may encounter it. You should be prepared with some handy vitamin pills, medication or other sea sickness methods just in case. If you are really worried, speak to your GP before you leave.

Will I be Able to Use my Phone?

As you are cruising in many remote areas of the ocean, you won’t have any connection to your service provider. If you do need to make contact while on board, most cruises will provide internet services that can be utilised in a business or secluded section on board. Here you’ll be able to go about your business by sending emails, checking social media and browsing general world news. Once in port, or close to port, you should be able to receive phone signal. If you are overseas, you will need to have international roaming turned on, and you should check with your phone provider as to what the international call rates are so that you don't get a nasty shock when you come back from your holiday!

Do I Need a Passport?

In most cases, YES! If your cruise entails crossing any international waters where you may disembark, you’ll be required to show your passport. Most cruises will travel to numerous international destinations, especially around tropical islands, which will provide the opportunity to explore on land. It will be safer to take your passport in any uncertainty, just to be safe. Check the route of your cruise prior to make sure.

What is There to do on Board?

You will never be bored. Cruise shipshave an abundance of amenities and accessible activities on board to keep you

Plenty to do onboard

entertained for your entire trip. There are a range of sports available, theatre, casino, parties, spa and pampering services and general swimming pools and social areas. These may vary from cruise line to cruise line, however this provides an insight of what is available.

You may have many more questions to ask your cruise consultant. Make sure you raise all your queries and concerns to gain as much information possible prior to cruising away.

To have your questions answered today, call your Cruise Specialist on 1300 954 661!

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