Top 7 Port Cities with the Best Views from a Ship

Posted November 16th, 2015

Have you always wanted to see a beautiful city materialise on an ocean horizon? Perhaps there’s one destination in particular you’re curious to see from the water? There’s nothing quite like enjoying the grandeur and charm of a port city from the deck of a cruise ship. Read on to see which cities stand out above the rest.

1. Sydney

Sydney is home to one of the most iconic harbours in the world. As cruise ships approach this bustling Australian city, passengers are treated to stunning views of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Beautiful natural scenery and skyscrapers hint at what’s to come onshore, with entertainment, adventure, and delicious restaurants and cafés waiting around every corner.

2. Hong Kong

Rich with years of Chinese history and traditions is the incredible city of Hong Kong. Passengers can take in breathtaking views of modern skyscrapers against the green hills of Victoria Peak. The most impressive of these buildings is the 2 International Finance Centre, which stands directly across from Victoria Harbour where cruise ships dock. Passengers arriving at night are welcomed into this fabulous city by dazzling lasers, colourful lights and music during Hong Kong’s famous lightshow, A Symphony of Lights. This nightly multimedia extravaganza makes use of more than 40 buildings on the harbour, earning it the title of the ‘World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show’ in the Guinness World Records.

3. Dubrovnik

There’s nothing better than getting ready for an unforgettable holiday when you approach a destination that looks too good to be true. With white-washed baroque buildings, orange-tiled roofs, ancient walls, aquamarine waters and gorgeous rocky peaks, Dubrovnik looks as stunning from a cruise deck as it does from its winding streets. At night you can even spot twinkling lights across its hills.

4. Istanbul

Istanbul presents an incredible amalgamation of the East and West with numerous mosques, Roman ruins and bustling bazaars. It’s entertaining to see the modernity of a cruise ship next to this ancient and charming city. As passengers approach, towers, spires, old buildings and the Galata Bridge mark the beginning of a fascinating journey through this Turkish city.

5. Stockholm

Cruising to Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city, is an experience unlike any other. Comprised of small islands, Mediterranean villages and beautiful greenery, Stockholm resembles an illustration straight out of a fairy tale.

6. New York City

New York, New York … how incredible this city looks as the iconic Empire State Building and torch-wielding Statue of Liberty emerge from the haze. Passengers should flock to the top deck of their ship to truly appreciate the immensity of this city that never sleeps.

7. Venice

With gondolas dotting canals and windows decorated with flowers and vines, you’ll surely be reminded of beautiful Italian postcards as you approach the floating city of Venice. Many yachts, speedboats, ferries and other cruise ships line the port of Venice, which proves to be a sight in itself – after all, it is one of the biggest ports in the Mediterranean! Across from the cruise terminal is a veritable maze of terracotta buildings, the odd burst of foliage and distant basilicas. You’re in for a treat if you’re approaching this city at dusk; its many canals are set alight by the city’s street lamps and restaurants. If you’re being welcomed by a rising sun, the water will look bluer and the buildings more orange.


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