Top 6 Secrets For Getting The Cheapest Cruise Deal

Posted March 2nd, 2015

A cruise holiday is amazing value for money. Can you think of any other holiday that includes all meals and access to world-class facilities and entertainment in the same price as your accommodation? With a cruise, you also know exactly what you’re getting for your dollars, meaning you’re less likely to overspend.

Looking to save even more? Whether you’re travelling on a tight budget or hoping to save as much money as you can for the poolside bar, the Cruiseabout team has put together six top tips to get the cheapest cruise deal. You can also take a look at our webpage dedicated to highlighting the latest cheap cruise deals for you.

Get onboard with a cheap cruise deal.

1. Take A Short Cruise

Short cruises are the perfect way to experience the joy of cruising without breaking the bank. There are a number of cheap cruises over three or four nights that cost considerably less than the one or two week itineraries. Some travellers also use these short cruises to experience some of the more opulent and expensive cruise ships that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy.

2. Cruise Close To Home

Sometimes the best deals are in your own backyard. You can save a lot of money by taking a cheap cruise from your capital city. You might find a cheaper cruise out of state or overseas, but the value can often be diminished when you take flights, transfers, visas and pre or post-cruise hotel accommodation into account.

You can't beat cruising out of Sydney!

3. Be Flexible With Your Travel Dates

Cruise prices are higher in peak season when there is more demand for the service. Unfortunately for parents of school-aged children, peak time usually coincides with the school holidays. If you have the freedom to enjoy your holidays outside of school holiday times, you have the opportunity to secure considerably cheaper cruise bookings. You’ll enjoy the same cruise with all the same benefits as those who travel in peak season; it will just cost you a lot less.

4. Book A Last Minute Cruise

If you’re a bit of a risk taker, you can always gamble on a last minute cruise deal. No cruise line likes to leave port with empty cabins, so many lines offer serious discounts in order to fill the last remaining cabins. Flexibility is the key to securing a cheap cruise deal at the last minute. Our advice would be to pick three or four sailings in the near future, monitor their prices daily and pounce when the good deals become available. Be aware that the last minute discounts can be applied months out or just a few days out from the departure date.

5. Book An Inside Cabin

Experienced cruise bargain hunters always book inside cabins as they’re often the cheapest option available. While you won’t enjoy the views of a luxury or balcony cabin, these cabins are still completely comfortable. Inside cabins are an especially good option for travellers who intend to take full advantage of the ship’s facilities – why pay extra for a room you don’t plan on spending much time in? ‘Obstructed view’ cabins are a good compromise if you want to save money while still enjoying some ocean views.

Or maybe an inside cabin with a virtual balcony like on Voyager of the Seas?

6. Don't Forget About Onboard Credit & Other Inclusions

Always ask about bonus inclusions when booking your cruise. Some cruise lines offer incredible incentives such as cabin upgrades, massive savings on airfares or even extra onboard credit. These inclusions can turn a good value cruise into a great value cruise! If you’re interested in pre-paid drink packages, pre-cruise accommodation or even flights, remember: the Cruiseabout team has a comprehensive booking service and has access to trade discounts!

The best tip we can give you on securing the cheapest cruise deals is to give our Cruiseabout Cruising Specialists a call. They have access to all the best value fares and incredible discounts. Email a specialist today or call us on 1300 954 661 to see how we can help you to book an amazing but cheap cruise experience.

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