Hong Kong Cityscape at Night Island

Top 5 Trending Cruise Destinations in Asia for 2016

Posted December 20th, 2015

Home to both ancient wonders and contemporary structures, rural villages and bustling metropolises, and traditional culture and western influence, Asia attracts travellers the world over with its unique blend of contrasts. In recent years, this part of the world has transformed into a popular cruising hotspot, with many cruise lines offering itineraries that depart from major ports such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Saigon, as well as from ports in Australia. The locals have also upped their game, with many popular cruise stops being upgraded and renovated to make them more accessible and friendly for ships and travellers. If you’re looking to book a cruise, or just in need of some serious holiday inspiration, keep reading to discover the top 5 trending destinations in Asia at the moment.

1. Hong Kong

Marketed as Asia’s world city, Hong Kong dishes up an impressive display of impossibly tall skyscrapers teetering on the islands that make up the city. Ocean cruises dock in the spectacular Victoria Harbour and give guests an opportunity to embrace the colourful personality of this activity hub. Nightly laser shows, the famous Ladies’ Market and hallowed ancient structures are just some of the attractions you can in this amazing city.

2. Singapore

This cosmopolitan centre is home to a remarkable array of engineering masterpieces, with the Marina Bay Sands Resort, Double Helix Bridge, and the Interlace Vertical Village just a few of the structures that will definitely take your breath away. Singapore is also known as the cleanest city in Asia and has a friendly atmosphere that makes tourists feel very welcome. One of the official languages is also English, which helps in making it an appealing choice for Australians.


3. Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun is saturated with culture, boasting a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, the most populated city in the world, and really, really good food. Some of the country’s highlights include Tokyo and its different, distinct areas as well as the ‘old part’ of the nation’s former capital, Kyoto. The public transport system in Japan is exceptional so even if you don’t participate in a guided tour, you’ll be able to see many incredible sites with ease.

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4. China

The Yangtze in China is the longest river in Asia, flowing down from the Tibetan Plateau and cutting right across the country through a number of stunning locations. Many different lines offer river cruises down the Yangtze, including Viking Cruises, but you also have the option to go on an expedition cruise with companies such as Lindblad Expeditions, which take you to untouched areas the larger ships cannot access. This will be a one-of-a-kind holiday that will see you in the middle of misty mountains one day, then walking through bustling crowds the next.

Yangtze River, China

5. Vietnam

Mekong river cruises through Cambodia and Vietnam have become the favourite way to take in the iconic sites of these countries. In particular, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Halong Bay in Vietnam’s north-east is one of the most photographed places on the planet, with over 2,000 limestone islands rising out of the emerald-green water in an absolutely stunning display of natural beauty. With a river cruise, you get to sail through the bay and enjoy an unmatched perspective of this impressive site.

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