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Top 10 Golf Cruises & Activities

Posted April 6th, 2012

If you haven't heard of a golf cruise, then you’ve been missing out on a unique opportunity. Golf themed cruises combine the enjoyment of the game with beautiful and exotic locations. Not to mention you get to relax on a giant boat full of fun activities with your spouse or group of good friends.

Below is a list of 10 golf cruises to consider for your next vacation.

Play golf onboard Celebrity Equinox

10. Crystal Cruises

While not limited to only golf getaways, Crystal Cruises does host golf-themed specialty cruises for golf lovers. On such a cruise, Crystal Cruises bring along PGA pros like John Clark and famed golfer Billy Caspar to teach seminars and instruction to fellow cruise-goers. They’ve also been known to set such destinations as the British Open.

9. European Waterways

If you prefer smaller, more intimate cruises, European Waterways takes small groups of about 10 passengers down several rivers in Europe to a variety of golf destinations. Sometimes smaller is better—and if you want a quieter cruise, this is one of your best options.

8. Norwegian Cruise Line

NCL is a fairly large cruise line that offers a complete golfer’s package on trips to Hawaii and Bermuda. In fact, it’s the official cruise line of the PGA. If that’s not commitment to the sport, what is?

7. Silversea

Silversea is about as luxurious as a golf cruise gets, while sending you to some of the best courses around the world. Even if you’re a subpar player, Silversea has you covered with expert instruction and clinics. Be sure to pack your best golf apparel and your A-game for this unforgettable golf getaway.

6. Carnival

One of the most popular cruise lines in the world also offers specialty golf cruises, which some consider to be one of the most detailed golfing packages available. Full of personal instruction, beautiful courses and on-board swing simulators to analyze your swing, Carnival’s golf package has you covered from start to finish.

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Combine cruising and golf for a memorable holiday (Image: Getty)

5. Go Barging

Go Barging is great for those looking for a smaller cruise. Generally carrying under 20 passengers, overcrowding will never be an issue.

4. Princess

Princess is an awesome golf cruise experience for golfers of both genders, despite its name. Find your ultimate golf destination, or simply enjoy one of the two on-board golf simulators.

3. Celebrity Cruises

Perfect for golf lovers and their spouses who want to be pampered throughout their trip. Celebrity has some of the best spa facilities available along with their incredible golf themes.

2. Classical Golf Cruises

A slightly more intimate cruise package ranging from just under to just over 100 passengers. This amazing golf water vacation will take you around the world to your favorite courses.

1. Elite Golf Cruises

Elite Golf Cruises is the perfect opportunity for you to familiar with the latest virtual golf simulations, some of the most beautiful courses and the latest golf apparel and gear. After a full day of playing on the links you can relax by getting a massage and great meal. A nice drink would be a perfect end to the day.

Relaxation, beautiful scenery and fresh water and, of course, golf. How could a vacation possibly be better?


Guest Blogger: Felicia Baratz-Savage

Felicia is an avid blogger and regularly writes for Cooking and Travel Blogs. She now enters the world of Cruise blogging, as a Guest Blogger for Cruiseabout.


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Guest Blogger

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