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Tips to Save Money on your next Cruise

Posted June 24th, 2013

Cruise holidays offer outstanding convenience and value for money - with your accommodation, meals, activities and entertainment all covered in your upfront fare price. However, there can be additional expenses involved that you should factor into your budget when planning your next getaway to avoid going overboard with your spending.
Here’s a couple of ways to enjoy your next cruise without breaking the bank:

Avoid Peak Season

Cruise lines generally offer lower fares in off-peak and shoulder seasons to encourage passengers to cruise in the cooler months when demand is lower. Not only can you snag a significantly cheaper fare, you’re also less likely to be sharing the ship with a large contingent of fellow passengers, meaning queues are shorter and there’s plenty of sun lounges to spare!

Cruise from Australia in Off-Peak Season, April to November

Book your own Shore Excursions

Although shore excursions organised through cruise lines offer convenience and a safe-guard against missing your ship should you get delayed for whatever reason, you’ll often pay a premium for these perks. If you are a seasoned traveller who is confident in navigating your way around a foreign port (and back again!), then do some research before your departure and book these tours for yourself. You can potentially save a considerable amount of money and avoid the large crowds. It is advisable to check with your cruise provider though as some companies offer shore excursions as part of their fare price.

Internet & Phone Access

Leaving the real world behind is perhaps one of the most attractive qualities of a cruise holiday, however if you can’t bear the thought of excommunicating yourself from life back on land then expect to wear some pretty hefty charges. Ship-to-shore phone calls can be very expensive and internet access can be slow and charged by the minute. A simple way around this is to set up an auto-reply on your web-based email account advising people of your absence and then find internet cafes in port, which are generally cheaper and faster, to respond to all of your mail.
Most ships offer cell phone coverage on board, however you will need to set up international roaming with your provider which can also be costly.

Repositioning Cruises

Some cruise lines relocate their ships during shoulder seasons (Spring & Autumn) in order to chase the warmer weather. Rather than sail their ships empty, companies often offer repositioning cruises, which feature heavily discounted rates, to entice passengers on board to cover their costs for the trip. It is worth noting however that these trips are one way only and often include fewer stops in port.

Cruise to or from Hawaii with a Repositioning Cruise

Take out Travel Insurance

This isn’t so much an upfront money saving tip, however if unforeseen circumstances should force you to cancel or interrupt your trip, this could potentially save you a significant amount of money. Most travel insurance policies also cover medical treatment which can be very costly if you require medical attention in a foreign country.

Being frugal with your cruising dollars will by no means lessen your enjoyment whilst on board. By simply considering the tips above you may save enough money to treat yourself to a little extra something whilst shopping in port or even be able to take your next cruise sooner rather than later!

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