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Tips And Tricks From Expert Cruisers

Posted March 23rd, 2017

Seasoned cruisers and experts with thousands of cruising nights under their belts have combined their collective knowledge and wisdom to bring you the very best way to get the most from your cruise.

Long or Short?

If you are unsure about cruising, try two or three short cruises with a couple of different cruise lines. This will give you a sense of the activities and onboard facilities that float your boat (pun intended) and other parts of cruising that may be less your style.

A Home Away From Home, Size Does Matter 

Always take into consideration the size and style of the ship you are thinking of booking. Cruises today have a huge array of choices that include everything from small ultra-luxe ships, like those in Silversea’s fleet, to enormous icons, such as Cunard’s Queen Mary 2.

Small ships have their advantages, offering a more personalised service and the ability to fit into smaller ports, as well as unique itineraries with longer immersive onshore experiences.

One of the biggest tips from recreational and professional cruising experts alike is to splurge on the biggest and best cabin your budget allows. The space will be your home for some time, and a balcony can be a blessing if you want some private time outdoors. At any rate, it pays to decide early – the best deals and cabins on world cruises sell fast, and early, so get in quick with your deposit.

Long Voyages

Twenty-first century round-the-world cruises now have a great deal of flexibility with voyages that you can join for just a sector or two. This flexibility is a great way to get a taste for world cruising, particularly if you have time or budget constraints.

The legendary cruise line of Cunard is leading the way on ‘boomerang cruises’ – a recent cruising development, which combines two ship journeys in the one trip. For example, Queen Mary 2 would go from Southampton to Sydney, and the Queen Elizabeth would do the return trip. Two great ship experiences in the one cruise!

What To Wear

Cruising at sea has the potential for warm, cold and wet weather, so when packing, include breathable fabrics and neutral colours that will work well together and layer if it gets cool. Also note that many cruise lines have formal dinners, so be sure to include slightly more formal and smart casual items in your suitcase.

While you don’t have to be decked out to the nines, you will need to consider your cruise line’s dress code when packing for your journey. Not only will this ensure that you don’t miss out on any dining or social opportunities, but you’ll fit right in with other guests and feel at home.

Many cruise companies are quite specific on their websites as to the expected dress codes for men and women, and advise passengers to wear a mix of ‘active resort wear’ during the day and appropriate formal wear, jacket and a tie for men for the evenings.

The good news is that there is no restriction to the amount of luggage you can bring on board, and you can can always supplement your wardrobe with the great shopping available on board most cruise ships.

Create A Home Away From Home

Every little personal touch to your stateroom or suite helps create a cosy oasis at sea, especially when you’re spending 100 nights or more on a cruise ship. As luggage isn’t restricted on a world cruise, why not bring some personal mementos from home?

Photographs placed around your room and even your favourite pillow or throw are worthwhile additions to your suitcase. It’s also a good idea to pack a shower caddy and over- the-door hanger to store any miscellaneous items in a convenient location that doesn’t take up much space.

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