Things To Do On A Cruise When It Rains

Posted July 20th, 2015

Rainy day? Here are some fun options

Most likely, visions of your upcoming cruise involve you relaxing at the rooftop pool, cocktail in hand and shrouded in warm sunlight. But what if your cruise has a few rainy days thrown in the mix? Unfortunately, no matter how much planning and research you put into booking your cruise, Mother Nature remains an unpredictable beast, and sometimes the heavens open up whilst out at sea. However, don’t forget that cruise ships are basically moving entertainment complexes, containing a whole host of onboard facilities and activities to keep you entertained and loving life on those rain-filled days. Here are just some of the possible ways you can keep yourself occupied should the weather make a turn for the worst whilst out at sea on a cruise.

Enjoy room service

It’s your holiday, and you deserve to take things easy. So instead of walking to the dining room for your breakfast, lunch or dinner, simply order room service – usually for free on most cruise lines – and kick back in your comfy cabin with a hilarious comedy or heart racing action movie.

Indulge in some champagne

Book a day-spa treatment

Treat your body to a relaxing massage or reinvigorating spa treatment when the weather turns bad and indulge in a little me-time. If you’ve ever wanted to try acupuncture or a soothing mud wrap, now is the time. Passengers can also prepare for a fun night out at one of the ships many night spots by getting a facial, pedicure and manicure. Let the onboard professionals work their magic on your tired body and use the bad weather as an opportune time to recharge those batteries of yours.

Take a well-deserved spa day

Visit the library

Get stuck into a great novel or research what to do at your next port of call by visiting the onboard library on those rainy days out at sea. Most cruise ships cater to the bibliophilic faithful with an extensive library of books, comfortable deck chairs and charging stations for E-readers.

Catch up on your reading

Take part in onboard activities

It’s pretty hard to feel bored whilst at sea with the amount of onboard activities found on major cruise ships. From bingo to cabaret shows and trivia to ping pong, cruise passengers have much to choose from. Consult the cruise ship’s daily newsletter for the day’s activities. Of course, you could also workout at the onboard gym, catch a movie at the cinema, or join a dancing class. The only hard part is deciding just what to do.

Go shopping

Grab some real bargains and give yourself more exploration time when docked at port by doing your compulsory holiday shopping onboard when it rains. Jewellery, watches, beauty products and liquor are often sold without sales tax and are duty-free on cruise ships, meaning more spending money for your holiday! You could also attend an art auction and leave your cruise with a real find.

There’s certainly enough to keep you occupied during those grey days and nights out at sea. In fact, for a lot of people, most of the fun is had below the top deck on a cruise. Never been more convinced it’s time to book a cruise? Call us on 1300 954 661 and we’ll do the rest!


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