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The World Cruise – and what you can’t see in a brochure

Posted September 23rd, 2011

By Peter Kollar

Have you ever flicked through a cruise brochure and found that you are stuck eyeing the tremendous journey of a World Cruise? Enticing? Sure is…but this is just the canvas; the real picture is more than just the large list of ports!

The undeniable beauty of a world cruise is the experience that can only be felt first hand. It’s the atmosphere amongst the ocean community that sails as one. Crew get to know the passengers so well, groups of passengers form bonds, and every single person onboard is unified in an unforgettable journey that takes you across the world’s history, culture, landscapes and highlights – as diverse as they are hard to spell. Each person gets to expel their once-in-a-lifetime shore excursions at dinner tables, across bars, at the gift shop and salon. But there’s more!

Special events for World cruises vary between cruise lines, but you FEEL special. Special gifts, special mentions and special trips. Entertainment changes between segments, so you have new performers and acts throughout the trip, lecturers change according to your cruising region, stage shows change their act, and even the permanent departments like the bars, restaurants, spa’s, shops, casino, etc. all change promotions, deals, and stock so that you get to experience as much range as you do in ports.

But I digress…I have to come back to the bond. In all my years cruising, my most special memories are that of the World Cruises I was privileged to take part in. And to be honest, it’s only when you get home, take a breath, and look back at photos and videos, that you realize how much you have accomplished, before the phone rings and you get to chat to your new found friends from the cruise.

What are your World Cruise experiences?

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Peter Kollar

With more than 150 countries visited across all 7 continents, Peter brings a wealth of travel experience to our Cruiseabout Brand. He spent 12 years at sea, the majority with Crystal Cruises as their Shore Excursion Manager, a role that allowed him to participate in-excess of 800 tours world-wide and and have a chance to experience a life-time that we can only dream of. Within that period, he also spent a year (c/o Steiner Pty Ltd) visiting ships around the world on all major brands, teaching crew on various customer service operations. At the start of 2011 Peter moved from his manager role at Cruiseabout Rose Bay… read more.


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