Star Flyer

Cruise Review - The Star Flyer

Posted November 25th, 2011

By Yvonne Barnes

The Star Flyer, the smaller of the Star Clipper fleet is a truly magical ship. To take the opportunity to sail on any of the fleet is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed, if you love the elegance heading out to sea under the full sail of 4 masts, sipping champagne, listening to Vangelis and watching the sunset over the French Riviera. Even amongst all the mega yachts around us, this ship still makes an impact with its beauty.

The Star Flyer accommodates only 160 passengers plus crew, so this is a small ship experience. There are no casino’s, Broadway shows or kids clubs. Instead they are replaced with mast climbing, dolphin watching and the raising of the sails daily as we leave port is a show in itself. Everyone on board has a fascination in yachting itself, so friends are found easily with this in common.

Meals on board like most cruises, is aplenty. Breakfast is buffet with eggs cooked to order. Lunch again is buffet, with a daily changing menu on offer. Dinner is a 7 course meal if you can manage to get through each course. Tea and coffee is included from the coffee station at the piano bar lounge, or at meal time along with water, otherwise all other beverages are to be purchased. Happy hour is always a special time in the tropical bar, as many would grab a cocktail and then head up on deck to watch the ship pull away from port.

I was amazed at our cabin, just how comfortable it really was. Although small – it had everything we needed to be comfortable. Even the porthole was sufficient in the morning to look out and see what sort of day was ahead of us.

The idea of small ship sailing has won me over. It makes tendering fast and easy, especially as we can dock so close to the small quaint towns. Many of the larger ships wouldn’t be able to tender at many of the destinations that we went to, which makes for less crowds and going to places off the beaten track a little. It also meant we made friends on the ship as the days went by. There was a mixture of singles and couples on board. By the end of the cruise you would hardly know the difference as people had made such nice friends along the way.

For something a little different to the standard cruise, I would recommend Star Clippers time and time again. The experience was nothing less than fantastic. There is no other way to see such amazing sights like Portofino and St Tropez with less hassle. To wake up every morning and be in another town just as picturesque as the last is the amazing thing about cruising. We got everything you would want out of a true holiday experience. I just can’t wait to get the chance to go again!


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