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Stay Connected at Sea: Wi-Fi On Board

Posted April 18th, 2016

Years ago, a cruise meant disconnecting from the ‘real’ world to enjoy the moment amongst exotic scenery and elegant décor. Nowadays, the internet plays a massive role in our everyday lives, whether you use it to socialise with friends, conduct work, or keep up to date with world news. Because of this increasing demand, the first internet café at sea was debuted in 1999 by Norwegian Cruise Line on the Norwegian Sky, and since then the trend has only grown. In today’s era, a number of cruise lines now offer internet bundles and Wi-Fi so you can stay up to date while at sea with wi-fi on board and let everyone else know how much fun you’re having!


Carnival Cruise Lines

Ship-wide Wi-Fi is available on each of the Carnival vessels. Every ship also features an internet hotspot where guests can utilise desktop computers to connect to the internet for a fee. On select ships, this space has been rebranded as the FunHub terminals and you can generally find these in the ship’s main public spaces. Carnival offers an innovative social package where guests can access their favourite social media sites for a set daily cost – this is available on most of the fleet already, but the remaining ships will receive this package at the end of 2016. What’s even more exciting is that Carnival is constantly building its WiFi@Sea Connectivity network, which will become the industry’s largest Wi-Fi network and have the broadest high-speed coverage. As part of Carnival Corporation, Seabourn Ships will also be included in the WiFi@Sea network.

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Celebrity Cruises

The majority of the Celebrity fleet boasts Wi-Fi capability throughout, and all vessels have a 24-hour internet café for your convenience. However, the Celebrity Century and Celebrity Xpedition only have Wi-Fi capability in public areas. To access the network, guests must pay per minute (prices are subject to change) or purchase an extended package.

Royal Caribbean

Every ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet boasts Wi-Fi and many have accessibility at all points of the ship. Otherwise, guests can enjoy the internet café on board if they wish to access the web. Royal Caribbean is known for having good download speeds and the line plans on expanding its bandwidth so that every ship features a respectable internet connection and cruisers can do anything they usually do at home (even stream and upload video).

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P&O Cruises

For a fee, guests can access the internet on each ship in the P&O fleet at designated stations on board. Wi-Fi is additionally available at dedicated public spaces. 2016 will see P&O also benefit from the WiFi@Sea network as a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation, meaning that cruisers will enjoy a faster connection and better bandwidth.

Regent Seven Seas

Internet on board the Regent ships is currently available at designated computer centres on a pay-as-you-go basis. There is also a Wi-Fi network. Regent Seven Seas has announced that they will be introducing free unlimited Wi-Fi access for its guests starting late this year.

These are just some of Australia’s favourite cruise lines that offer internet access while travelling to exciting destinations! To find out exact prices and learn more about accessing Wi-Fi while out at sea, call one of our friendly Cruiseabout consultants on 1300 954 661.

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