Spotlight on Canada and New England

Posted March 25th, 2016

Located in the north-eastern corner of America, the region of New England features some of the country’s most dramatic landscapes and boasts a distinctive imagery, history, and sense of culture. To the north, you’ll find Canada, home to popular holiday hotspots such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal

With these two incredible areas so close together, it’s easy to see why many cruise lines, such as Seabourn, Crystal CruisesRoyal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line, offer itineraries that cover them both. If you’re thinking of signing up for one of these itineraries, then read on. We’re shining a spotlight on these beautiful destinations and you’ll want to know what to expect!

When Should I Travel?

New England experiences four distinct seasons throughout the year, so the cruising season runs over the warmer months from April to October. Many ships will sail through the autumnal months of August and September, where you and your fellow passengers will get to experience the beautiful colours of the fall foliage. However, a trip in summer over June, July and August is best for whale watching and will also provide a mild break from the sweltering temperatures of Australia.

Top Port Highlights

Your port stops will vary depending on who you choose to travel with, but you can rest assured that you will have an amazing experience no matter where you anchor. You could possibly visit:

  • Boston - Famous for brownstone-lined streets, a hip cultural scene, and Harvard University.

  • Quebec City – As a predominantly French-speaking province, you’ll be treated to a trove of architectural and historical experiences.

  • Halifax – This city is known for its walking trails and picture-perfect views but it also has a fantastic offering of local visual arts and Maritime history.

  • Charlottetown - The capital of Prince Edward Island. This province is renowned for being the home of Anne of Green Gables and entices travellers with a coastal lifestyle and warm sense of hospitality.

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What Should I Eat?

New England is famous for producing exquisite oysters, fish, cranberries, blueberries, and artisan cheeses, just to name a few! Many people recommend checking out the informal shore-side restaurants known as ‘lobster shacks’ for freshly caught lobster at a reasonable price, and make sure that you don’t leave without getting an authentic Boston Cream Pie! When in Canada, you should also make sure to get some poutine (French fries topped with cheese sauce and gravy) and real maple syrup (we’re sure you know what that is)!

Top Travel Tips

  • Establish what you want out of your holiday and choose a cruise line and itinerary that suits your needs. For example, if you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing voyage, it might not be the best idea to cruise during school holidays.
  • Many cities throughout this area hold festivals during summer to celebrate the warmer weather and this is a great way to mingle with locals! You can usually find out the details about upcoming events online.
  • Brush up on your French! Depending on where you go in Canada, you might get the chance to show off your best French accent and impress a local.
  • Remember that GST is added onto the tagged price at the cash register, so some things might cost more than you think!
  • Similarly, keep in mind that tipping is customary in the United States and Canada.

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