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Small Ship Cruising: 5 reasons why you should try it!

Posted April 9th, 2012

Have you ever been small ship cruising? Here are five reasons why you should!

1. Ease of Travel:

When it comes to travelling to multiple destinations, it can sometimes seem like more hassle than what it's worth. But, with a small cruise ship, the cruise itself is as desirable as the destination - it becomes an adventure! Each night, be lulled to sleep by the ocean and awake refreshed, with a brand new view outside your stateroom. And, with small ships welcoming between 147 and 311 fellow cruisers, you will soon forget you ever had to wait in line for anything.

2. Travel in Style:

With larger ships, the crew to passenger ratio can get rather bloated and it's difficult to get that personal "red carpet" treatment. With small cruise ships, the crew to passenger ratio is often 1:2. That means the crew members know your name, they know your preferences and they can often anticipate your desires before even you know you want another drink. Furthermore, bartenders and kitchen staff are catering to a much smaller crowd, ensuring efficiency, quality and attention to detail. And of course, there are the added perks of luxurious amenities.

3. Unique Ports and Itineraries:

Larger ships have to play it safe - going to bigger ports that can accommodate both the large size of the vessels and the huge crowds that will be touring the city together. On the other hand, small cruise ships have an incredible amount of flexibility. Ever thought you could cross the Panama Canal on a cruise ship and then visit the incredible, mostly uninhabited San Blas Islands, where Kuna Indians live today as they did hundreds of years ago? You couldn't do that on a larger ship, but on a small cruise ship you will be able to see the world differently.

4. Affordability:

If you are thinking small cruise ships aren't cheap, think again! They really are an affordable alternative. Travellers usually incur a hundred unexpected costs, especially on large cruise ships. But on a smaller vessel, many of the expenses are often included upfront. So, once you've planned your trip, you will have a really good sense of exactly what you will be spending and can budget accordingly.

5. Social Convenience:

With fewer guests on board, small cruise ships offer an ideal social experience. It's easy to make life-long friends, and get to know them over a quiet dinner or a few drinks. Alternatively, a small cruise ship also offers more of an element of privacy, with the smaller numbers on board.

Do you have a small cruise ship experience you would like to share with us?


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