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Six Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance on a Cruise

Posted September 2nd, 2016

Being in the middle of the ocean on a cruise with no mobile phone coverage sounds divine and there are some simple things you can do to make sure your holiday is as relaxing and hassle-free as you dream about.

Number one is to buy travel insurance - even if you are only sailing in Australian domestic waters. There are many reasons you need to be insured on a cruise for safety and peace of mind.

Here are the top six!

1. You suffer from prolonged seasickness.

If you feel queasy and sick on board, you’ll probably need to visit the cruise’s medical facilities for help. There are many effective sea sickness remedies that you can use and some cruise lines might provide small quantities of medicine for free. However, if you need further treatment, know that you’ll be charged separately by the cruise line for those services. This can be very expensive and you won’t be covered by Medicare.

2. You get an upset stomach or gastro and are confined to your cabin by the ship’s doctor.

It’s not fun being sick on your cruise but these things happen. And you’ll have to follow the ship doctor's advice to stay in your cabin while you're ill to avoid spreading bugs around. You’ll miss out on a lot of stuff and maybe even some shore excursions. But if you’re stuck in your cabin for more than 24 hours, travel insurance could come to the party with refunds on things you miss.

3. You are so ill that you need to be evacuated off the cruise.

It’s the worst nightmare, but it happens. If you have a condition serious enough to require evacuation, an air ambulance evacuation from the ship to an onshore hospital or back home to Australia can cost up to $85,000—and that’s before the hospital bills. Travel insurance can provide ship to shore cover and medical evacuations to first world medical care facilities.

4. You miss a port or connection.

If for an unforeseen reason the cruise ship doesn’t make it to the port where you are planning to get on board, or you miss a connection, it won’t be the end of the world. Travel insurance might help you with the costs of taking alternative transport to catch up on your planned itinerary.

5. Your luggage goes missing.

You chose the best resort clothes you have to take on this holiday and suddenly your luggage gets lost in transit or goes missing. Travel insurance can cover delayed luggage allowance and cover for lost or stolen personal belongings.

6.You miss shore excursions.

In circumstances that go beyond your control, when you are unable to do half of the things you had planned, including shore excursion, it’s annoying. But you may not have to kiss your money goodbye! Travel insurance does offer cover for the cost of pre-paid activities that you don’t get to do.

If you need travel insurance for your next cruise, click here to learn about Cruiseabout’s new Cruise Travel Insurance or call 1300 769 228 to speak with a Cruiseabout consultant.

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