Short Cruising Stories

Posted November 14th, 2011

Last week we had loads of short cruising stories submitted on our blog, so we thought we would collate them into one post for you to read, enjoy and comment on.

By Mary:

We had delayed going on a cruise for 30 years for fear of being sea sick. Well last December we got the courage to go on the Dawn Princess to New Zealand, with a whole pack of sea sick tablets. We need not have worried as we were fine and so relaxed. The meals were fantastic, the service magnificent and the entertainment, which was free, was worth paying for. We loved it so much we are doing the same cruise this December. Our only regret is that we didn't start cruising years ago. It is the best holiday we have ever been on. To anyone that hasn't been on a cruise, you must go on the Princess Cruise ships.

By Cathy:

We sailed during Cyclone season. Two rather inebriated guys were larking about, one on the shoulders of the other. We were all going from side to side, literally, and these guys were heading toward the guard with the one on top most likely to go overboard, when we hit another wave and went the other way. There were 100 very open mouths and plenty of screaming - a horrid experience.

By Tricia:

A story with a moral - I was playing roulette in Noumea when I was 19, although the age to play was 21+. I won loads of great high paying chips, but I couldn't cash in as I was underage. My friend and I had to play for hours to lose all the chips, which kind of took the fun out of gambling, so I have never been tempted to repeat the experience.

By Barbara:

I have been on many cruises and have had many great times and many highlights. I just enjoy the peace of the sea, the sunsets, the sunrises, and I have seen some fantastic shows. I have been on my own now for 2 years and need a new cruise buddy.

By Jaysea:

It was a 14 night Fiji Adventure on Pacific Jewel that departed Sydney on March 5th 2011. The cruise headed off to Noumea with little more than some strong winds, and the ship moored at a container wharf as they expected further strong breezes. We departed Noumea and headed straight into the side of a category 1 cyclone, and the ship was rolling from side to side and the external decks had to be roped off so no one went overboard. I was in the Casino having a beer, playing the slots, and the next thing we were hit by a rogue wave at about 5.20pm. The ship rolled even further and anything not bolted down either smashed or slide across the floor, including people. Everyone was ordered back to their rooms as the Captain wanted to assess the damage - there was a lot. They gave us a bottle of water, and the lower decks also got a sandwich. I was on deck 9 so I missed out on any food. Three hours later, after pointing the ship into the cyclone and dropping ship speed to reduce the rolling, they let us out of our cabins and into the dining rooms for a special serving on whatever food survived the earlier battering. We lost a day at sea and missed out on Dravuni Island, but the rest of the cruise was fine!

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