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Sea Days vs. Port days - What’s your Favourite?

Posted August 19th, 2011

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By Peter Kollar

I love days at sea (or sea days as they are called). Leisurely jaunts across the ocean in which the choice is yours, to indulge in the plethora of activities on offer along with your fellow sea-faring community, or retreat to an inward world of self-contemplation and relaxation.

During my career while working at sea on a luxury cruise line, I noticed the itineraries through the years were becoming more and more port intensive… so much so; a 12 day cruise would have 10 ports. I asked the corporate big dog as to why we spend so much time in port when the point of difference with our cruise line was the onboard experience, something that is harder to showcase with these types of itineraries. Their response was that marketing surveys shows that cruises that can visit 8-10 countries in two weeks are much more attractive to the cruise client than ones filled with sea days.

The question I have for you this week is… what is your favorite? Sea Days or Port Days, and why? Does it affect your choice of cruise itineraries?


Today's Cruise Specialist:

Peter Kollar

With more than 150 countries visited across all 7 continents, Peter brings a wealth of travel experience to our Cruiseabout Brand. He spent 12 years at sea, the majority with Crystal Cruises as their Shore Excursion Manager, a role that allowed him to participate in-excess of 800 tours world-wide and and have a chance to experience a life-time that we can only dream of. Within that period, he also spent a year (c/o Steiner Pty Ltd) visiting ships around the world on all major brands, teaching crew on various customer service operations. At the start of 2011, Peter moved from his manager role at Cruiseabout Rose Bay to become... read more.




Cruise Specialist

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