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Sailing and Tall Ship Cruising Facts

Posted September 29th, 2017

Experience the thrill of life on the seas as you enter the unique world of tall ship cruising. Designed for adventure, tall ships take passengers on journeys of discovery and exploration, without the crowds and hustle and bustle found on larger cruise ships. Read on to learn more about this increasingly popular niche within the cruise industry.

What are tall ships?

Tall ships are recognised as large, traditionally rigged sailing vessels. There are several different types of tall ships, such as schooners, brigantines, brigs, sloops and barques. Differences in tall ships depend on the cut of the sails, rigging, length and the number of masts. For example, a brigantine ship has two masts, while barque ships feature three or more masts. Brigantine ships were also commonly used as war vessels in the 13th century due to their speed, ease of use and mobility. 

The Cruise Lines and the Destinations

  • Star Clippers – Offering informal elegance aboard beautifully crafted tall ships, Star Clippers takes guests on voyages to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Cuba and Southeast Asia. The pride of the cruise line, the 439-foot Royal Clipper is a magnificent sight to behold with its fully rigged five masts and 42 sails.
  • Windstar – Carrying between 148-310 passengers, Windstar’s yachts sail on journeys to the Mediterranean, Asia, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Panama, Tahiti, Northern Europe, Canada and the Middle East. The Wind Surf has the distinction of being the world’s largest sailing yacht, with 154 staterooms.
  • Lindblad/National Geographic – Built in 1931 by a Wall Street businessman, the Sea Cloud is a vessel that boasts both history and elegance. Traversing the Mediterranean, this exquisite tall ship carries 30 sails and is hand-sailed by 16 crew members. It takes an hour for the crew to take the sails down and an hour to set them up again!

The Benefits

There are many reasons why sailing and tall ship cruising appeals to travellers, including:

  • Immersive itineraries – Smaller and carrying less passengers, tall ships and small sailing ships can easily navigate the coastlines of destinations, transporting guests to off-the-beaten-track villages, coves and harbours. There’s no better way to truly experience the culture of a country.
  • Intimate atmosphere – If you hate crowds and long lines, you’ll love the welcoming and relaxed ambience aboard a tall ship, along with the lower passenger capacities.
  • Personalised service – With a lower number of passengers and a smaller vessel comes friendly greetings and staff members who remember your name, as well as your preferences.
  • Behind-the-scenes glimpses – Witness how a sailing vessel operates as your hard-working crew jumps into action right before you. These are the kind of travel experiences that are rare in today’s modern world.  

Curious about what life would be like on board a tall ship? Want to explore the ins and outs of the Greek Isles, the Caribbean or other amazing destinations? Give us a call now on 1300 965 661. Not only can our experienced cruise consultants point you in the right direction, we can take care of your cruise booking, flights, accommodation and travel insurance. 

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