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Sail Away Solo: A Singles Guide to Cruising

Posted July 26th, 2013

Solo sea-faring holidays conjure images of lonely men and women, shading by the poolside bar as couples and families frolic. And while the loved-up observer may wrongly assume the single traveller has nothing to do, no one to see and countless hours to pass on-shore, sticking to the road well worn, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Cruises are the perfect playground for solo exploration, offering a unique opportunity to keen cruisers to do everything on their own terms, speciality events, targeted dinners and an open berth of strangers to meet, greet and get to know. Finding the right cruise for you is stress-free with these four easy steps.

Cruising for Solo Travellers

Choose the Right Ship

Liners are like the passengers they transport from berth to berth, they come in all shapes, widths and sizes. On-shore, bigger is usually better, as your schedule soon fills with cultural attractions and pulse thumping thrills – experiences to meet people and challenge your worldview. If social is the watch-word, a small ship places emphasis on making connections outside cliques and couples; to avoid a demographic mismatch, make enquiries and ascertain which cruises cater to your age and interests. While you have their attention, make sure single rooms are available; bunking with a stranger can transform a peaceful escape into a maritime prison sentence.


In the event single cabins are sold out or unavailable, most cruises will charge a single supplement to cover monetary loss. To avoid paying one for the price of two, shop around and compare supplements; as you trawl the internet for bargains, keep an eye out for red tag sales designed specifically for budget savvy single cruisers. Save time and sign up for a few cruise site newsletters, the best deals straight to your inbox without the hassle of firing up a search engine.

Single Studio onboard Norwegian Epic

Single Cruises

Singles cruises are exactly that; ocean bound holidays tailored to discerning singles who wish to avoid the politics of seeking out a friendly face in the din of blissed-out honeymooners, extended families or University groups. While these demographics will be aboard, a third party travel company reserve an allotment of cabins and match-make personalities to produce a kind of floating singles camp. Most singles groups will have team leaders to inspire morale, open the communication floodgates and organise interactive, getting-to-know-you games.

Themes, Dreams and Dancing

Are you escaping daily chit-chat? Do you desire a solitary experience? Would you like to meet new people, make life-long friends and share irreplaceable memories? Whatever your goal, solo sea-dogs should plan ahead and develop a social calendar according to their preferences. For something a little different, theme cruises are educational, fun and full of activities to pass the day and nights at sea, often tying in with the various ports along the way.

Cruises afford the solo sightseer complete control; make friends or don’t, read a book or write a novel, document adventures or stay on-deck, spin around the ballroom or people watch, laughing silently to yourself– it’s up to you.

For more information on solo cruises, call one of our Cruise Specialists today on 1300 954 661.

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