Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Fit Tips

Posted April 22nd, 2015

With more restaurants than you can count on both hands, your Royal Caribbean cruise definitely won’t leave you feeling hungry. But, it might leave you feeling a little heavier, full to the brim and maybe even a little over... so if you are worried about putting on the kilo’s during your cruise, here are 5 tips from Royal Caribbean on ways that you can keep fit during your holiday....

Choose Fun Over Food

From surf simulators to basketball games, bumper cars to trapeze lessons – Royal Caribbean ships offer so many fun activities for you to choose from. So jump on the FlowRider or climb to the top of the rock climbing wall and start burning off that multi-course dinner.

Be Picky

Ok, this doesn’t sound like much fun – it’s your holiday and you deserve to indulge. But that doesn’t mean that you always have to go overboard (pardon the pun). It can be easy to have eyes bigger than your stomach – especially on your first few nights at sea. But be realistic about what you can eat – maybe just try 1 dessert a night rather than trying 3 in one go. Or perhaps choose to only indulge in one vice a night – alcohol one night, maybe chocolate pudding the next.




Go Green

In the mornings hit the Windjammer buffet and fuel up with fruit, veggies and juices instead of sweet or carb-heavy foods. This should leave you feeling satisfied, but also light – and it will ensure you have plenty of space for a 3-course dinner later on.

Watch Your Water

With all of this food, fun and fruity drinks on offer, we can sometimes forget to drink as much water as we would normally drink at home. So, make sure you down a steady supply of H2O so that you know when you are actually hungry as opposed to just thirsty.

Eliminate the Elevator

Finally – become friends with the stairs and banish the elevator. It might not seem like much, but taking the stairs whenever you can, instead of the easy way up, will raise your heart rate, burn calories and is super great for the butt! Plus, it will leave you feeling like you deserve that piña colada on the pool deck – you did work for it after all!

What are your fit tips while you are on a cruise holiday? We would love to hear them, so post your comments below so we can try them out!

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