Rekindling Your Relationship on a Cruise

Posted July 12th, 2013

In today’s modern world it’s all too easy to let the hustle and bustle take a toll on our relationships. If you, like many others, work long hours and spend your weekends tending to errands and work around the house, then chances are that you may not get the opportunity to spend some quality one on one time with the most important person in your life very often. Taking a cruise with your beloved is a great way to reconnect and rekindle your relationship - here’s why;

Cruise with your Loved On

1. Relax & Enjoy the Ride
When you take a cruise with your better half there’s no arguing over directions, no getting lost and no stress concerning checking in and out of hotels. You simply arrive on board, unpack once and then just sit back and enjoy each other’s company.

2. Romantic Dining in World-Class Restaurants
What better way to reignite the spark than to gaze into each other’s eyes by candlelight in one of the many fine-dining options on-board. These restaurants have a strict formal dress code, so you and your loved one will get the opportunity to see each other dressed up to the nines whilst enjoying some world class cuisine (and of course a few classes wine).

Enjoy Romantic Meals Onboard

3. Learn Something New Together
Many cruise liners offer a variety of self-improvement classes, including cooking, art and dance lessons. Perhaps you’ll develop a new common interest to share in together, or get to witness a creative side of your partner that you’ve never seen before.

4. Moonlit Strolls Along the Deck
Without the light pollution that you’ll normally find in heavily populated areas, the night sky on the open ocean is filled with brilliantly bright stars. Taking a stroll along the deck at night underneath the starlit sky is a recipe for romance and is sure to help you find perspective and peace together.

5. Explore Exotic Port Destinations
Exploring exotic port destinations with your partner is a fantastic way to develop long lasting memories that you’ll share forever. Maybe you’ll find the world’s best pizza, or stumble across an amazing photo opportunity – you’ll both enjoy recounting your adventures to friends and family together when you return home.

6. Enjoy Some Kid-Free Time
If you have children, the majority of your holidays can be taken up by your efforts to ensure that your little ones are entertained at all times. Most major cruise lines have age-specific on-board kids clubs which means more quality one on one time for you and your better half. Take the opportunity to pamper yourselves in the day-spa or simply enjoy the comforts of your cabin together ;).

If your relationship is in need of some time aboard the love boat, go ahead and book your next cruise with us today! Call one of our Cruise Specialists on 1300 954 661.

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