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Reasons to Take a European River Cruise

Posted March 22nd, 2013

Europe is crisscrossed by a massive network of breathtakingly scenic waterways which play host to lucky river cruise passengers every year. Although the basic concept remains the same, there are a number of differences between river and ocean cruises – below we’ll take a closer look at the unique experiences only a European river cruise can offer.

Local Food & Wine

What better way to immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings than to sample the exquisite local produce from the comfort of the onboard restaurants? Europe is home to some of the finest food and wine growing regions in the world and most ships offer a rotating menu corresponding to the most recent port destination complimented by the finest regional wine varieties.

Dining with Tauck

History & Culture

Europe is steeped in thousands of years of history, all of which you’ll be able to sit back and absorb whilst peacefully cruising from port to port. Explore the royal history of Britain, savour a pint of Guinness in Ireland or marvel at the world-famous Sistine Chapel in Rome - there is a river cruise to suit all tastes and interests.

Smaller More Intimate Ships

A main point of difference between ocean and river cruising lies in the higher level of personalization and intimacy offered on a smaller, river cruising, vessel. Smaller ships mean fewer passengers and fewer passengers mean shorter queues and more attentive service. You’ll also enjoy the opportunity to bond with fellow passengers and develop new friendships amongst some of the most scenic backdrops Europe has to offer.

Get Right into the Heart of the Action

Unlike ocean cruising, your ship will often be able to dock in the heart of town – meaning you’ll be able to step off the ship and right into the thick of the action. You’ll also be able to experience quaint little villages and other destinations that would otherwise take hours of travel from a coastal port. Additionally, river cruising offers the added advantage of constant 360 panoramic views of the European countryside. Rather than staring out to sea you’ll be staring in amazement at any one of the hundreds of castles and other points of interest along your route, so be sure to pack your camera and maybe a few extra memory cards!

Uniworld's River Baroness in Paris

Unpack & Relax

River cruises allow travellers to simply unpack & relax – not only will you get to see the very best tourist destinations in Europe; you will enjoy the journeys in-between equally as much. No need to worry about hotel check-in times or keeping track of your luggage in transit, simply sit back and enjoy the experience of a life-time from the comfort of your well equipped vessel.

Whatever European river cruise you choose, rest assured your experience will be one of breath-taking beauty, rich cultural experiences and delectable culinary delights. So when planning your next vacation, why not consider a European river cruise? Chances are it will be one of your most memorable adventures yet.

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