Q&A: Cruising the Polar Regions

Posted August 18th, 2016

Embarking on a polar expedition is a fascinating, enriching learning experience yet a trip like no other. Cruising the Arctic and Antarctic are for the adventurers, sailing on an ice-strengthened expedition ship with a team of experts who take you ashore in rigid inflatable boats to get you up close to icebergs and glaciers, not to mention seals, penguins and whales!

We’ve spoke with polar traveller & industry insider, Push Shetty, who has answered some of the most popular questions about Polar Cruising.

This video is a glimpse into what a voyage across the Drake Passage an on to the Antarctic Peninsula is like with Peregrine Adventures.

Q: What can our customers expect from a polar cruise?

A: A journey of a lifetime to the most remote region on the planet. Experiencing the breathtaking iceberg landscape up-close and personal wildlife encounters.

Q: Tell us the biggest differences between cruising the North & South Polar regions (Antarctica vs Arctic)

A: Antarctica (South Pole) will bring you penguin colonies and icebergs whereas The Arctic (North Pole) will bring you encounters with Polar Bears on pack ice.

Q: Which is your favourite & why?

A: "Please don't make me choose!”. Both the Arctic and Antarctica will leave you spellbound!

Q: Tell us your best wildlife story?

A: Proximity. Picture this, sitting down near a penguin colony and becoming the focus of the curiosity from the local inhabitants. Another is being in the Arctic, with the ship sitting in pack ice and having a polar bear wandering right up to the ship. The only thing breaking the Arctic silence is the crunching of the snow and the chuffing of the bear as he assesses our presence. 

Polar Bear

Q: When is the best time to cruise the Polar Regions? 

A: During the polar summer, every part brings the rapidly changing cycle of life. From the hatching of penguin chicks to whales feeding and female bears wandering with their cubs.  The polar traveller will be rewarded with unique wildlife experiences throughout the entire season.

The Arctic summer is from May to September, when the ice has melted enough to allow ships to pass. July & August are the most popular months due to warmer temperatures, longer says and better accessibility.

Summer in Antarctica takes place from November to March, with late December and January being the most popular months to cruise as the days are longer (with up to 20 hours of sunlight), temperatures are above freezing and the Penguins begin to hatch and seal pups start to appear on the beaches. Whales are best seen in Antarctica between February & March – when you’ll also catch the polar sunsets.

Q: What sort of activities can customers expect to do onshore?

A: The expedition team will help bring this region to life through a series of activities such as zodiac cruising (inflatable boats) which take the polar traveller meandering through fields of icebergs. Going ashore and exploring the magical landscape at your own pace is incredible.

Up for more adventure? Take out a kayak, stand-up paddle board or even spend a night under the stars of the Antarctic. While onboard be prepared to be inspired by the knowledge and enthusiasm of the expedition team. The experts at Peregrine will always be available to answer your questions whether it is through presentation, dining together or guiding on shore. Their polar passion will become your polar passion. 

Passengers in Zodiac

Q: What's your favourite cruising memory?

A: Nothing could have prepared me for the awe inspiring first sighting of the iceberg. It was a humbling moment.

Q: Any advice for a first time polar cruiser?

A: Be open to all possibilities and embrace the infinite experiences your polar expedition will bring. Every day brings a new adventure.

So what are you waiting for? Go off the beaten track and get onboard an expeditionary cruise. Until the 30 September 2016, you can save up to $8,300 per cabin when you book a 2017 Polar Cruise with Peregrine Adventures. Call 1300 954 661 or email your Cruiseabout consultant for the latest cruise deals and itineraries.

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