Your Pre-cruise Checklist

Posted February 23rd, 2015

If you've ever gone on a holiday only to find out that you've forgotten to pack that much needed charger, or realise you've simply forgotten to book your pre- and post-cruise accommodation, you’re not alone. Even the more experienced travellers amongst us still suffer from that odd case of did-I-forget-something-itis. It’s definitely a potentially frustrating condition and can add a ton of inconvenience to your travels. If you want to avoid ever being afflicted by this condition, then read on. Below you’ll find a brief pre-cruise checklist to skim over before you embark on your holiday.

Go through this pre-cruise checklist before you set off on your holiday!

Medical and Travel Essentials

Visit your doctor at least 8 weeks prior to your cruise to ensure that you have enough time to take possible immunisations. During this appointment, renew any medications that may be running low (get a back-up copy of the prescription just in case you lose your medication abroad).

It’s also a good idea to check the validity of your passport 3-4 months before your trip (most airlines and immigration policies require at least an extra 6 months validity on your passport from the date you plan to return home) and whether you need any visas to enter another country – talk to your travel agent or contact your local embassy for the most up-to-date information. Here are a few other things you should check before setting off on your cruise:

• Have you taken out an adequate travel insurance policy for you and your family?
• Have you notified your bank of your intended holiday overseas?
• Do you have at least two independent sources of money (e.g., credit card and multi currency debit card?)
• Have you obtained small amounts of relevant foreign currency for tipping?


Be prepared for your cruise holiday

Booking Essentials

Sometimes it’s easy to forget certain steps in the booking process that can end up costing you both time and money. After all, there’s a lot that goes into booking a cruise, and it can seem quite overwhelming at times. Here’s a pre-travel booking checklist that you should go through at least 8 weeks prior to your holiday.

• Have you booked your flights, if required?
• Have you arranged your pre- and post-cruise accommodation if you need it?
• Have you booked your transfers to and from the airport?
• Have you paid the balance on your holiday?
• Do you have all your e-tickets, accommodation and booking vouchers?
• Have you booked your shore excursions?

Have you booked your flights, accommodation and transfers too?

Packing Essentials

No matter what the season, or where you’re travelling to, there’s one golden rule that you should follow every time you travel: less is more. Try and keep your luggage at about 75% capacity. Not only will this make you think twice about the things you take with you, it will also give you the space to buy souvenirs. Here are a few extra things to ensure you pack for your holiday, almost items can be bought onboard or offshore:

• A book or magazine to read
• Swimsuit
• Sunglasses
• All your electronic chargers and cables
• Camera with new memory card
• Inflatable neck pillow.

Think you’re ready for a cruising holiday? Great. Contact one of our friendly cruise experts on 1300 954 661 today and ask us about our cruising deals. Not only can we help you book a great deal, we can also give you even more packing tips!

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