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P&OEdge - Cruising Like Never Before

Posted October 9th, 2013

Whether you're ascending above the Big Screen, climbing up the aft tunnel, flying around the atrium or zip lining across the top deck, this is cruising like you have never seen it before!

The brand new P&OEdge activities, operated by Pacific Adventures, are perfect for those who like their holidays with a serious dose of adrenalin. Currently only on Pacific Jewel, P&OEdge is the largest Adventure Park at sea, offering 20 exclusive activities specifically designed to make use of the ship's existing architecture and turn it into the largest adventure playground in the world. P&OEdge will be available on Pacific Pearl and Pacific Dawn in 2014.

So what can you expect onboard? These exclusive adrenalin activities are available only from P&O Cruises....

Outdoor Activities:

  • Cargo Net Race - climb by cargo net to the top of the centre stage (or maybe race a friend to the top), where you'll then be lowered via a line attached to your harness, taking in all the scenery on the way down
  • Flying Fox - beginning from the forward of deck 15, underneath the Big Screen and finishing on deck 14 above the pool area, this is your birds eye view of all the action on top deck

Soar across deck with the new flying fox

  • Slackline Bouncing Ridge - a tight rope balancing act high above centre stage
  • Centre Stage High Ropes - cross from one side to the other of the Centre Stage framework, via stepping platforms and obstacles
  • Titanic Moment - get your very own Titanic moment on the bow of Deck
  • Aft Funnel Climb - climb to the top of the aft funnel and check out the views from the top
  • Abseil - climb your way up the aft funnel and abseil back down the 10 metres to the ship's deck
  • Bungy Tramp - unleash your inner acrobat on bungy trampolines
  • X2 Segway Obstacle Course - zoom around the ship on a segway (well Deck 15 anyway)
  • Big Screen Climb - this is the ultimate photo opportunity from the top of the Big Screen
  • Ship Apex Climb - get a 360 degree view from the ship's apex
  • Bosun's Chair Challenge - grab a partner and take a ride on this custom-made swing attached to the top of the Centre Stage framework
  • Slackline Surfing - this flat line rope, 8 metres long and elevated 30 to 40 centimetres above the ground is the perfect place to find your balance before you rocket to new heights
  • P&O Bow Ladder Climb - climb via a purpose built ladder to get up close and personal with the famous P&O logo

Indoor Activities:

  • Atrium High Ropes - use stepping platforms, obstacles and slack lines to cross the atrium
  • Midship High Games - cargo nets rigged to the ceiling of the atrium - will you take up the challenge?
  • Tight Rope Atrium - put your nerves of steel to the test and climb a ladder from Deck 5 and tread the slack lines fitted up to Deck 6
  • Laser Tag - young or old, everyone loves laser tag! Get your friends and family together for a virtual battlefield showdown

Enjoy the virtual battlefield on board Pacific Jewel

  • Kid's Adventure Program - perfect for kids who want maximum fun and adventure, including Wet Day Splash, Jump & Bounce, Sports Day and Climb & Glide

Onshore Activities:

  • Beach All-terrain Segway Tour - head off-road to experience the best sights the port has to offer
  • Stand-up Paddleboarding - experienced instructors will run you through all the basic skills you'll need
Bookings for all P&OEdge activities can be made onboard and charged to your shipboard account. For more information on cruise itineraries and availability, call one of our Cruise Specialists on 1300 954 661 today!



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