What To Pack For Your Canada & Alaska Cruise

Posted September 25th, 2014

The idea of packing – whether it’s moving into a new home or office space – can be quite tedious and stressful. But packing for a Canada and Alaska cruise?

Now that’s exciting! From dogsledding in paper-white mountains to kayaking and fishing in exquisite lakes, there are plenty of memorable experiences that await you.

And with cruises setting sail through the seasons, knowing what to fill your luggage with will allow you to make the most of your holiday!

Whether you’re planning days ahead or have a knack for throwing things together in the last-minute, here’s a guide on what to pack for your Canada and Alaska cruise.

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The Essentials

Exciting onboard and shore excursions will be the bread and butter of your cruise, requiring a spread of functional items. But what should you pack first?

Nothing is worse than ending your cruise without memorable snapshots, so make sure you remember your handy camera. For all that sightseeing from a distance, you’ll also need a pair of binoculars – from eagles to whales, you’ll soon feel like you’re right there beside them!

In terms of clothing items, Alaska and Canada are known for having unpredictable weather, so be sure to pack a light sweater, cotton gloves, trousers and a waterproof jacket. They will be your body’s best friends!

Aside from these pieces, you’ll also require hiking and walking shoes, toiletry and medication packs, as well as chargers and adapters. Packing these essentials will save you the money and hassle of purchasing items upon arrival.

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What To Bring For Summer

Starting in the middle of June and continuing through September, it’s no surprise to see locals fishing at night during an Alaskan and Canadian summer, when the sun is too stubborn to set.

To soak up the sun’s rays and stay protected at the same time, you’ll be needing a sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen. For all those fun water-based activities, make sure you pack waterproof clothing. For example, in the picturesque Alaskan village of Ketchikan, you can explore the area’s surrounding scenery via jet boat and even board a 37-foot canoe while you explore wildlife and learn about the rich history of the land.

After a day of shore excursions like these, a relaxing dip in your cruise ship’s pool is the perfect conclusion. Favourite swimwear? Check!

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What To Bring For Winter

The coldest days in Alaska and Canada are generally from December through March. During this period, residents prepare for sled-dog races, winter carnivals and other cool activities! To weather the elements, pack a large coat, cotton turtleneck sweater, snow pants, scarves and windbreakers, and don’t forget to layer, layer and layer!

Thanks to the comfort and luxury your stateroom provides, you won’t need to pack extra blankets and pillows. Cruise ships such as the ms Volendam have spacious rooms with en suite bathroom and an air-conditioning system that allows you to control the temperature to your liking.

Let’s Not Forget Special Occasions!

The romantic tunes played by the pianist onboard can encourage any traveller to dress up and enjoy a lavish dinner with family and friends. During a seven-day cruise, travellers usually have a night or two where they dress up for a formal event. Cruise ships like Princess Cruises also offer thrilling production shows and Vegas-style casinos where you will often see women wearing chic cocktail dresses and men fashioning an elegant suit and tie. After a day of onboard pampering and onshore exploring, what’s better than a night of entertainment, dancing and a cheeky glass of bubbly?

Keep this packing list handy for when your Canada and Alaska cruise comes about, but if you have yet to book one in, why not consider a luxury cruise with APT Cruising? Renowned for the popular river cruise itineraries, when it comes to cruising the Canada and Alaska region, APT partners with popular cruise lines Princess Cruises and Holland America Line, ensuring that your cruise is comfortable, but also adding the APT touch - guaranteeing verandah staterooms, professional service and APT exclusive offers. For more information, get in touch with one of our Cruising Specialists today on 1300 954 661.

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