Oceania Cruises in the Mediterranean

Posted July 13th, 2012

Cruise Specialist, Sonia Ekelund, recently cruised the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean on board the spectacular Oceania Nautica. Sonia's blog gives you a taste of the truly marvellous experience she had. 

Have you ever pictured yourself sailing the sapphire blue waters of the Mediterranean? It truly is such a special way to experience many countries on the European continent. There are plenty of cruise lines who specialise in giving you the perfect experience, from your first time to the region as well as the unique and off the beaten track itineraries. Recently I travelled with Oceania Cruises on board the beautiful, intimate Nautica from Rome to Barcelona, here is a taste of what is in store for you when you travel the Mediterranean next!

The port of Civitavecchia is accessed from Rome, by private car, bus or train. It takes around 1½ to reach. The first surprise with Oceania is that you don't wait under the hot sun at the pier to check-in. Instead you are ushered on board, to settle into the calm, relaxed lounge with a glass of champagne where your embarkation details are handled efficiently, and then the ship is yours to discover! Being a smaller ship, with a maximum of 680 passengers, she is able to spend a lot more time hugging the coast line as you sail.

Oceania also put a high emphasis on unique ports of call, on this cruise we got to soak up the ambiance of the French Riviera, from Marseille to Cannes and St Tropez to Carcassonne. This is where you can enjoy the beautiful boutiques, seaside life style, and brilliant French cuisine. Also on this 12 night voyage we got to set foot onto soil I've not previously had the privilege to see - Olbia in Sicily. But on top of that, we also got the chance to discover one of the most spectacular places on earth: Bonnifacio in Corsica. With an ancient town draped on the edge of a cliff, its beauty cannot be described and it is an absolute gem.

It is impossible to pick a favourite on this itinerary, however pulling into Portovenere in Italy allows you to do something on most people's bucket lists - walk the 5 beautiful towns that make up the spectacular Cinque Terre. It is hard to top. Whether you decide to walk the ocean side track to each, or take the ferry between, you are sure to fall in love with every one of the picturesque towns' sights, sounds and flavours.

Also, there is nothing quite like waking up to see the tiny harbour of Portofino, sparkling in the morning sunlight, bursting with beautiful yachts and the water reflecting the amazing colours of the buildings. Portofino is even more incredible than you could possibly hope. Understandably it is a popular play ground for the rich and famous. Browse the local art, enjoy

the sound of the water lapping at the sides of the yachts and immerse yourself into this impossibly stunning won't want to leave!

If you are dreaming of some indulgence, Oceania is true 5½ star cruising, boasting lavish dining rooms appointed with Versace, incredible food catering for every taste, impeccable staff who learn your name and favourite beverages within a day, and a casual, country club atmosphere.

For more information on Oceania Cruises, come and see Sonia today about booking your warm and wonderful getaway! You can reach Sonia in store at Cruiseabout Bowral, or call her on 1300 133 637, or email her at


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