Oasis of the seas

Oasis Of The Seas - Fun Facts

Posted February 8th, 2013

This week we were wowed by the "Mega Food" episode on National Geographic Adventure, which aired on Tuesday night, showcasing the biggest single culinary operations in the world on board Oasis on the Seas! Food facts and figures were passed around like they were candy, and the mammoth task of the chefs, kitchen staff and inventory keepers, left us awed.

Oasis of the seas

So, we thought - what else about this ship is mammoth? Well, as the biggest ship in the world, we would say everything! But, lets look at some of the fun facts surrounding this beautiful ship:

  • 50 tonnes of ice cubes are made every day onboard
  • The AquaTheatre Pool is 5.4m deep, and is the largest pool at sea
  • Oasis of the Seas can cater to 5400 guests at double occupancy, and 6296 when at full capacity, and there are more than 2000 staff members onboard
  • The Rising Tide elevator takes 6 minutes to transit from the Royal Promenade (deck 5) to Central Park (deck 8) or vice versa
  • Oasis of the Seas features the first Carousel at sea
  • It took 6 weeks to carve the 18 wooden animals on the Carousel, including lions, zebras and giraffes
  • The ship uses more than 3300 miles of electrical wiring - that could nearly stretch across America, coast to coast
  • Oasis of the Seas is 208 ft wide - wider than the wingspan of a Boeing 747
  • There are 93 different plant varieties onboard, as well as a horticulturalist who gives guided tours to passengers
  • The 4 jacuzzis suspended above the ocean on either side of the ship are 131 ft above sea level
  • Each of the 4 bow thrusters, which manoeuvre the ship, have 7500 horsepower each - 10 times the horsepower of Jenson Buttons' Formula 1 racing car
  • 50,000 pieces of cutlery are kept in the main dining room, Opus - these are used by 3056 guests, seated at any one time at one of the 500 tables, looked after by over 550 dining staff members
  • 60,000 napkins are expected to be used on every voyage
  • Oasis of the Seas is 5 times bigger than the Titanic and 3 times bigger than QE2

Have you cruised on board Oasis of the Seas? Do you have any fun facts to share with us?

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