Oasis and Allure

Oasis of the Seas – Is 7 Days Enough?

Posted August 26th, 2011

By Peter Kollar

Just recently I conducted a training session for about 150 Travel Agents, focusing on the Oasis of the Seas (and being almost identical to Allure of the Seas, the following can apply to her as well).

I wanted to create an activity that best addressed the fact that the majority of feedback we get from returning clients is that 7 days wasn’t enough. So I put it to the test.

I created cards for every feature & activity onboard, and it amounted to 64 cards. These included;

-  24 different dining options

-  Ice shows, Water shows, Comedy Shows, Theatrical Shows

-  Bars, Lounges, Spa, Fitness, pools, movies, games & Activities, etc.

…and the list just goes on.

I then gave them 7 blank pieces of paper (representing each day), and asked them to use the cards to plan their days onboard, not forgetting there were days in port as well to enjoy the destination and tours.

They couldn't do it…it just didn't fit. THEN I actually showed them the ‘Cruise Compass’ - the actual Daily Activities newsletter that goes out to passengers onboard. All of a sudden, there were FAR MORE activities going on that just visiting these areas.

It clicked…how can we possibly get to experience all that there is to offer on these ships in 7 days? You couldn't. Which is why I recommend (thanks to our returning clients) that back to back 7-day cruises is really the BEST way to experience these two great ships.

…and the best part is, they alternate itineraries through the year, so they do Eastern Caribbean, then Western, and so on…so, you get to see EVEN MORE.

I would love to know your thoughts, and hear from anyone out there that has had the great pleasure of doing just that!


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