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NYE: Light Up the Night and Climb Aboard!

Posted December 30th, 2013

Fireworks bloom into a river of rainbow sparks showering down to earth, as the music hums and throbs beneath your feet and you welcome in the New Year with a fast step, a flourish and burst of laughter. Life is good. The night air is warm, though not heavy, and the horizon glimmers, blanketing gentle ripples and diving waves with a blanket of brilliant stars.

Most of us mark New Years’ off on our calendars with a big red circle and grandiose plans, booking hotels and restaurants far ahead of time and securing the perfect wardrobe to truly make a statement no one else will forget, for all of the right reasons. What if you didn’t need to line-up at a weary taxi rank, waiting for the next white cab to roll around? What would you do, if you didn’t have to squeeze into a smoky space, as the strobe lights overhead lance the dance floor and someone spills vodka and cranberry all over your jeans?

Next year, trade in the usual haunts of the New Years’ parade and set sail into a sparkling vista of delight, capturing and holding your wildest dreams on the shores of the Pacific.

Party, Relax, Enjoy!

Imagine a hotel room that is always fresh and waiting for you, close at hand in case of imminent hangover, though still near enough to pools, bars, eateries and festivities to chase away the duskiness of the night before. P&O have a variety of cruises leaving Sydney and Brisbane, prices beginning at an easy to please $2099 per person twin share; the towering giants of the Pacific Pearl, Pacific Dawn and the Pacific Jewel will glide to many destinations, adding a splice of exploration to the start of the year, and knocking over an annual bucket list entry or two.

P&O Australia's Pacific Dawn will whisk you away into the New Year

Where else can you spend one day by the pool and treat yourself to a spa treatment, before diving into a melting pot of cultures, activities and adventure tours on a  scattering of islands, rarely savoured, though highly underrated. Let someone else deal with the post-party clean up and start the year with a summer glow, radiating from within.

Possible Ports: Isle of Pines, Noumea, Lifou, Vila, Wala, Champagne Bay, Santo, Mystery Island, Suva, Port Denaru.

A Pacific Love Affair

You’ve probably heard Australia has been blessed with the best beaches in the region, nay, the world, though you have nothing to compare it to. Luckily, Carnival Cruises have just the thing to introduce you around, taking you on a tour of our small corner of the world; the rushing, crystalline water lines, frolicking wildlife, tribal surprises, charming shore tours and authentic experiences of the Pacific packed into a mere eleven days.

Slide your way into the New Year with Carnival Spirit

The Carnival Spirit (your chariot) is a peaceful liner fitted out in the latest amenities, restaurants and several aquatic distractions to truly spin away the stresses of the past year, massaging your worries and solidifying your dreams, adding a new focus to your energy as you disembark almost two weeks later; a reinvigorated soul, body and mind, ready to take on the world.
Ports: Vila, Vanuatu, Lifou Island, Noumea, Mystery Island (you’ll love it).

Christmas has passed, New Years’ is here and it’s time to unwind aboard a cruise liner, away from the crowds and cramped atmosphere of NYE festivities. Begin the new year with a smile, and speak to one of our friendly consultants today. Call them on 1300 954 661 today as New Year's cruise itineraries sell out quickly!

Happy New Year from Cruiseabout!

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