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New Zealand Cruises

Posted October 10th, 2011

New Zealand's spectacular geography and natural phenomena, the geysers, thermal springs and boiling mud, not to mention the gorgeous lakes, make cruises to this destination truly unforgettable.

Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, New Zealand offers you a chance to experience adventure, breathtaking scenery, history and culture, all in one breathtaking package.

One of the most popular places for cruise ships to berth is the seaside suburb of Mount Maunganui, in the Port of Tauranga, with its white pearly beaches and nearby Wairo River, renowned for its canoeing and white water rafting. The Tauranga area presents visitors with a large range of exclusive attractions and activities, including fishing trips (for small and big game), excursions to Mayor and Motiti Islands and scenic flights.

Another popular destination is Auckland, which lies between two grand harbours, the Waitemata and the Manukau. Savour the city sophistication, the forest trails and the island wine walks, or venture inland and visit the heart of Maori culture, the famous Rotorua, with its astounding geysers, bubbling mud pools, hot springs and billowing clouds of steam. The region is a haven for adventure-seekers, and with 16 lakes, it is also ideal for all kinds of water fun.

North of Auckland lies the long finger-shaped stretch of islands called the Bay of Islands, a major tourist area offering sea activities, sub-tropical sandy beaches and native forests. It is also an area of considerable historical significance and is popular with craftspeople. On the opposite end of the North Island you can visit New Zealand’s capital, Wellington. Famous for its magnificent harbour and cosmopolitan city, Wellington is known as the “Capital of Cool”.

Moving on to the South Island, Dunedin offers visitors a wealth of attractions, as it is the second biggest metropolis after Christchurch and New Zealand’s fourth largest city. Another popular South Island destination is Milford Sound, which boasts the Fiordland National Park which has lush, emerald grasslands, icy rivers, snow-capped mountains and majestic fiords. Here, the waters teem with sea life, and the magnificent Mitre Park is a breathtaking sight as you sail into Milford Sound.

No one could blame you if you also can’t resist visiting the Otago Peninsula in the South Island’s southeast corner. Millions of years ago, massive volcanic eruptions and tectonic plate upheavals created this moody region, and travellers can’t stay away from the immense tracts of wilderness, the rich farmlands, the mountains, the vineyards and the unmatched shoreline.

New Zealand cruises are like no other, and there are boundless options for you to consider, including small expeditions, luxury cruises and even cruises suited to the eco-traveller. With the options of cruises seemingly endless, and a destination that offers everything from breathtaking scenery to adventures galore, New Zealand is a cruise of a lifetime.

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