Murry River Aust

Murray River Cruise

Posted November 7th, 2011

By Sarah McGregor

Some years back I was lucky enough to go on a Murray river cruise with not one, but two paddle boats.. the Murray River Queen and the Murray Princess. It was a race between the two boats for 7days. All the guests were treated well and the food was amazing.

Guests were put into four teams (red, yellow, blue and green) and from each boat had to make half a paper boat for a competion at the end of the cruise. I was in the blue team, and on the Queen we had our other half of the blue team... No-one could see what the other half of our team was making, which was good in a sense and bad. Our other half on the Queen for some reason had made a pink, thats right i said PINK half.. never sure what they were thinking... At the end of it all we were judged. Needless to say... our team lost lol!

We also had a gambling day where for two hours we were on the Princess and then we'd switch to the other boat for two hours. Well for me, it turned out to be a bit of an adventure, as for some reason the Queen had broken down and the guests of the Queen had to be rescued.

Myself and two other ladies had been left behind when the Princess had picked up some of the passengers. So the engineer had to come rescue us in a ute. Still not sure where he got that lol... But there we were shoved into the front with the gear stick between my legs and the driver apologizing each time he had to change gears lol...

When we made it back to the Princess and we walked into the dining room for dinner, we were applauded. It was a great time with added drama and I'm glad that I experienced it all. There was so much more that happened and an experience that I will treasure forever.

Footnote: Out of 3 challenge races for the week... The Princess won. They dont do the races now unfortunately, but I would do it all again.

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