Magnificent Macao

Posted January 5th, 2018

The true essence of Macao is hard to convey in words. Only by visiting will travellers get a true impression of the destination. This former Portuguese colony embodies glitz and glamour, and it just so happens to be the perfect way to enrich a cruise through Hong Kong. 

A foray into Macao rewards luxury seekers with many ways to indulge. Macao is situated just across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong, and an easy 55-minute ferry ride will reveal this destination of beautifully preserved colonial ruins, surprising cuisine and eyepopping opulence in the form of high-end resorts and hotels.

Macao has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the world’s hottest culinary destinations, and the local food is one of its key attractions. Feed the inner foodie with Macanese cuisine involving a fusion of spices and food cultures from Africa, India and the coast of Malacca, brought to Macao by the Portuguese and is prepared with Chinese ingredients and cooking style. This unique taste has been enjoyedby travellers for decades.

For retail devotees, there are sleek shopping centres filled with international luxury brands, independent fashion boutiques and specialised Chinese antique shops. Or be pampered to your heart’s content at one of the many luxury day spas. Each evening, travellers can enjoy a selection of extravagant shows, or wake in the morning to an exclusive breakfast with the DreamWorks gang.

Going beyond the luxury of 5-star stays and renowned restaurants, Macao takes travel to the next level with attractions that delight travellers of all types. Think of the world’s largest wave pool and rapid ride, and the world’s highest figure-eight Ferris wheel, the Golden Reel. Or there’s Macau Tower, the 10th-tallest freestanding tower in the world. Ascend to its lofty height to savour panoramas or add a dose of adrenaline with a stroll on the Skywalk X, a heart-stopping 233 metres high.

For those who prefer their feet firmly on the ground, rich and diverse history is all around. Discover glimpses of Macao’s colonial era in pockets of boutique accommodation, hidden cobblestone lanes, mansions, art deco buildings and tranquil parks, all done in a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese motifs.

No matter how travellers decide to experience Macao, this beautiful gateway to Asia promises a holiday to remember, and a stopover that will add glamour, luxury and excitement to any cruise itinerary.

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Tara Young

The experience of travel changes a person. I see my job as highlighting what amazing travel opportunities there are to broaden your knowledge of that great big world beyond your doorstep and what you may learn about yourself on the way.

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