Local Cruising: 3 Reasons to Explore The Pacific

Posted February 7th, 2014

BBQ season is in full swing and the restless shuffling of a million potato salad recipes fills the air, as we gather around the charcoal grill and boast about our travel plans to our circle of friends. Last year, you dived into the depths of Europe, sampling a drop of Bordeaux and a splash of the Loire, wandering the crowded cobble streets of France. Or perhaps you uncovered the confluence of candid colour, swirling overhead while sipping on coconut cocktails under a Caribbean sun.

Face it, if you’re a travel junkie, or even if you’re just starting out, your own backyard rarely gets a second thought and the wonders of Oceania are relegated to the "maybe later" pile. Stop procrastinating. Not only is there a spectacular array of cruises and shore tours to pick and mix (like those movie lolly displays), the food is great, the entertainment amazing and there are more features and extras than you can conceive of, rendering your Phuket resort fantasy a distant almost dream.

Discover the beautiful islands and beaches of the South Pacific

Teetering on the brink of indecision? Let us help you to make up your mind. Here are 3 reason (of many) to explore the South Pacific by cruise!

Reason 1: Diversity

If you’ve switched on the television, booted up the net or commuted to work, with the radio in your ears, you’ve probably heard the words diversity and South Pacific throw around together, often with modifiers like beautiful, awe-inspiring and bewildering. Not to sound like a broken advertising record, though it’s essentially true.

Leaving from Brisbane or Sydney, you could be front and centre on a Vanuatu Explorer, Melanesian Discovery, a Pacific Island Retreat, or a jaunt into the lustre of Fiji. We spend so much time looking outward and upward to the northern hemisphere, we abandon the pristine magnificence of our nearest neighbourhoods. Farewell trendy hot spots for now, and explore the aquatic metropolis lurking beneath the turquoise waves lapping at your feet.

P&O's Pacific Pearl docked in Noumea

Reason 2: Relaxation

How many times a day do you think, I need a holiday? A few? Several? Over and over and over again? There’s nothing relaxing about booking last minute tickets on a twenty four hour long haul red eye, jamming a balanced wardrobe (you hope) into a frayed suitcase, scheduling inoculations, researching do’s and don’ts and generally running around a tiny bit headless and very much frazzled.

You’re determined it will be the perfect holiday, but really, it never quite meets your high standards. The rooms are sub-par and aging, the cuisine is miserable in your stomach and you don’t quite know where to start on your sight-seeing run. Overseas travel is a lot of things, but relaxing it is not.

Cruising the South Pacific is comparatively simple. A short flight, a comfortable hotel, a straight forward boarding procedure and dish after dish of mouth melting local gastronomy; not only are you entertained, you’re entertained and excited on your own terms. Go on, unwind.

Reason 3: Adventure and Bragging Rights

For those of you who habitually check into Facebook and Instagram, aren’t you sick of seeing the same pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge and kitschy snaps of far-away places you can’t pronounce? And those who survive day to day without the succubi of social media, don’t you want a story to share that doesn’t begin with an anecdote about airport terminals, bad plane service and lacklustre experiences?

Experience the culture of the Pacific with organised shore tours

Cruising brands like Carnival, P&O and Princess, understand these desires, shaping a variety of shore tour packages to stoke the day dreams of the most cynical traveller. From scenic drives and walks, horse riding along an abandoned beach and under waterfalls, caving, 4WD’ing and a host of heart stopping or soul soothing activities, you won’t be short on fun snippets to share upon your return.

So what are you waiting for? Book your South Pacific cruise today. It's easy - just call one of our Cruise Specialists on 1300 954 661 and you'll be on your way before you know it!

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