Fremantle Harbour Australia at sunset with Perth sign

Local Cruising: 3 of the Best Australian Cruises

Posted February 14th, 2014

Are your travelling shoes itching, eager to get a move on and capture memories of the wide, wonderful world before opportunity fades into yesterday and you’re stuck behind the desk again? Or maybe you’re sitting behind one right now, keen for a holiday, for something more than this hun-drum reality most settle for, even for a few days in the fresh Australian air outside the city beat?

The Land of Oz, the Land Down Under, the Green and Gold Continent, the Red Dust Dirt Pile, the many faces and personas of our home are sampled and enjoyed by those who come with baited breath to our shores,  excited to get up close and personal with a koala or kangaroo. Now, we’re not suggesting you hug a random marsupial or chase Skippy for a photo op, but your thirst for the endless azure skies of a holiday can be quenched with a quick (or extended) trip around our very own shores. Photogenic animals optional.

Bite Size Australia

When we think about journeying around Oz, the Eastern Seaboard, the Red Centre or Perth often pop up as dominant destination stop gaps, attracting couples, singles, families, workaholics and retirees in their picture-snapping droves.

While these areas are a virtual cornucopia of activity and life, it pays to travel even further south and become acquainted with the emerald isles of Tasmania. From the rippling green carpet of Cradle Mountain National Park, to the deep, cool mooring of Burnie, cruisers are invited to explore the inner sanctum of this isolated state, delving into Australia’s second oldest city, various cultural must-see’s (the art galleries will truly transport every sense you possess) and the most delicate, salty, delectable flavours drawn straight from the ocean.

Explore Hobart on a Princess Cruises' Tasmania itinerary

Princess Cruises have your comfort and luxury in mind, as a friendly staff greet you, meet your every need and whisk you away on extraordinary adventure.

Think Pink!

Or coral, as you board a P&O cruise bound for the Coral Coast. Between the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and the Great Ocean Road, your acceleration pedal is well worn and you’ve had all you can handle of “coasts” right now, or have you?

This one-ship paradise caters to the whims and needs of many, as you snorkel your hours away, duck-diving to grasp the glistening treasures below. The Western coast is an under-rated aquatic playground, lined with white sand beaches, few crowds and an abundance of wildlife to steal your oooh’s and ahh’s right from under your tongue. Starting at a very cool $1,499 per person, twin share, make this cruise a must have holiday in 2014.

Cruise from Fremantle and explore the Coral Coast

Wine, Wonders and Whimsy

The southern point of the world’s largest island (smallest continent), is enriched culturally, environmentally and spiritually, moving souls to stand on the rocky peaks of Port Arthur, trailing the foot gangs of yesteryear down the path of a penal past. Adelaide offers a spiritual awakening of a mainstream variety, hosting hundreds of old world churches and retaining much of its colonial history; while Tasmania stands on the precipice of unchecked wilderness and a fast moving, artistically adept image.

Climbing aboard a Southern Adventure Cruise will not only expand your home team horizons, it will re-focus your energy, calm your nerves and uncoil the worries of everyday life, as the Pacific Pearl cuts through the cerulean depths of the chilly, choppy waters frothing under the cruise ship prow.

Go on a Southern Adventure onboard P&O's Pacific Pearl

Don't wait for adventure to find you - grab it by the cruise ship and set sail to explore the beauty that surrounds us! To book your Australian cruise, call one of our Cruise Specialists on 1300 954 661 today!

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