The Ins and Outs of Repositioning Cruises

Posted January 19th, 2015

If you haven’t heard of a ‘repositioning cruise’ before, then you’re certainly not alone. They aren’t often marketed as such, and they may not be for everyone. However, they do offer a number of enticing advantages over your standard cruise, and should definitely be considered if you’re looking at going on a cruise during your next holiday. In what follows we’ll briefly give you the run down on just what a repositioning cruise is, why you should book one, and which cruise lines offer them.

What is a Repositioning Cruise?

Unlike a standard cruise which starts and ends at the same port (e.g., Rome – Malta – Athens – Catania – Rome), a repositioning cruise is one where the embarkation and disembarkation ports differ. For example, a repositioning cruise may start in Sydney, but end in Honolulu, visiting a number of cities along the way. Some repositioning cruises can even take passengers over vast oceans to another continent: e.g., from Rome to New York. These types of cruises are usually referred to as ‘voyages’. A repositioning cruise is much like a one-way air ticket – perfect if you want to travel in between two different regions of the world.

Cross the oceans on a repositioning cruise

They are offered when a cruise ship needs to move to a new area following the end of a season - for example, Radiance of the Seas will sail from Australia during our summer season, and then move to Alaska to sail there during our winter. A repositioning cruise will be offered at the end of the Australia season as she makes her way to the new region.

Why should I Book a Repositioning Cruise?

Repositioning cruises are perfect for those that wish to end their trip in another part of the world, possibly to continue travelling and explore a new region. They are also suitable for those passengers who don’t have to finish at the port from which they started. For example, if you live in Melbourne and have booked yourself on a European cruise, the ending point of the cruise won’t really be much of an inconvenience for you. As long as your international flights allow you to fly into one city, and out of another (known as an ‘open-jaw’ ticket in travel industry terminology), then you can take advantage of a repositioning cruise. Repositioning cruises are also generally much cheaper than your regular cruise, as they often depart during the shoulder seasons (at the end of the peak travel period) and won’t stop at too many ports along the way. So, if budget is a factor for you, a repositioning cruise may be ideal.

Which Cruise Lines Offer them?

There are a number of cruise lines that operate repositioning cruises. For example, Royal Caribbean International operates a cruise that takes passengers on a two week voyage from Sydney to Singapore. And Princess Cruises have a 14-night trip that starts in Fort Lauderdale and finishes in Southampton, visiting Bermuda, Glasgow, Dublin and Cork on the way. Of course, there are so many more options, and you’re welcome to speak to one of our expert consultants for more ideas on just where you can go.

Cruise from Sydney to Singapore with a repositioning cruise

Ready to book yourself on a repositioning cruise and have the time of your life? Then call one of our friendly cruise consultants on 1300 954 661 and let us tell you more about this fantastic way to cruise the world.

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