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How to Pack Your Luggage Like a Pro

Posted June 16th, 2016

Your ticket’s booked, the itinerary’s sorted and the countdown is on until you say, “Sayonara!” to the hum-drum of daily life. It’s holiday time! And an essential part of your pre-departure routine is packing. If not done well (and early enough), you’ll be left uber-stressed and traipsing the globe either without an essential item or with way too much ‘stuff’ to carry around. Time to get sorted with our quick and easy How to Pack guide!

Upgrade it

If your luggage is looking a little worse for wear, invest in a snazzy new piece – these days materials are much more durable, lighter and easier to manoeuvre.  Many also include useful packing features like expandable sides and separate compartments. Aim for something that’s both functional and stylish, label it carefully with luggage tags and add an ‘identifier’ like a ribbon to avoid a carousel crisis.

Check your facts

Check your itinerary and destination’s details and pack a variety of mix-and-match items (neutral colours work well) for multiple activities, like dining out, exploring and water activities. Include accessories (like scarves and jewellery) to spice up outfits. Drip-dry fabrics that don’t need ironing and two-in-one items (like pants that zip off into shorts) can be game-changers. Dress comfortably for the flight and layer up, including wearing your bulkiest items (like jackets and walking shoes) that will also keep you warm if the temperature drops.

Invest in travel gear

There is a plethora of clever space-saving items out there, but there a few crucial ones to consider, including mini-hygiene products, travel-sized toothpaste and toothbrush, a mini brush or comb, a mini hairdryer (can double as a steamer for wrinkled clothes), resealable plastic pouches for jewellery and make-up, and large zip-top bags for shoes. Avoid over-packing medical items as well. Store must-have medications in small, plastic tubs and buy the rest when you get there.

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Prep before you pack

Stuff shoes with small items like belts, socks and underwear – it will help them keep their shape as well. Start by packing bulky things first (pack from the outside in) and roll everything and anything you can into bundles of ‘like items’. Zip-lock bags are ideal for storing chargers, keys, medications and other loose accessories (pack a few extras as well) and consider buying compression bags or packing cubes that are great for compartmentalising.

De-clutter your carry on

Smaller, lightweight bags are great for carry-ons (check your airline’s size and weight limitations) and can also double up as daypacks when you’re out and about doing touristy things. Ensure you include a few emergency items (like medications, underwear, painkillers, ear plugs, glasses, a small torch and a toothbrush/toothpaste) in case your luggage goes AWOL and don’t forget chargers (or invest in a universal one that can fire up all your electronic devices).

If in doubt, leave it out

Unless your destination is the wilds of Africa or the middle of remote Antarctica, most things can be purchased abroad, so don’t panic. With a bit of pre-planning and inventive packing, you’ll be efficiently travel-bound in no time!

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